Life Changing Levels Part I: The Soul

A Whole Lot of Nowhere

A Whole Lot of Nowhere


November 11, 2015 12:07 PM

Lest you think I’m not getting anything done on the book…


  • You can see the updated Map and an overview of the levels via the About Menu above (or just click here).
  • This is a first draft, so please forgive the grammar/punctuation, etc.
  • The other three life-changing levels (Mystic, Witness, TaoGod(I)) will soon follow.

The Life Changing Levels

When you first come across the Map, you might experience some discouragement, “Oh my god! How will I ever get through all those levels?” This discouragement, though completely natural, is based on an unexamined assumption: “In order to be happy, I have to complete the Map.”

Because the Path of Mystical Oneness isn’t an all-or-nothing path, you don’t have to reach the end to be happy. Indeed, I have found that four of the levels—two of which don’t even require “enlightenment”—have such a profound effect on our happiness that they can be classified as Life Changing.

Life Changing Level 1: The Soul

Becoming “learned” at the Soul level—absorbing the overwhelming evidence that we detach from the body at physical death and come back again and again and again—leads directly to the loss of practically all psychological fear. What’s to fear when you no longer fear death? What’s to fear when you live forever?

Additionally, when you become proficient at the Soul level, you become very comfortable with the temporal nature of things. Not only is it impossible to take anything physical with you from one life to another, but for the most part you can’t even take your memories. All is destined to be forgotten and left behind.

These two “skills” of the Soul—loss of fear and comfort with temporality—lead to a wonderful gentle, happy, and carefree attitude about both your life and the world at large. When—because of the temporary nature of things—you stop taking the drama of life so seriously, all the energy you formerly devoted to fixing every little “problem” can be directed to what does last from lifetime to lifetime: You-as-a-Soul. This shift in focus and loss of fear, leads directly to pursuing a more authentic life—the life you’ve always wanted to live.

What’s more, because synchronistic events start to increase with this level, you start to become very lucky. Without even trying, events mysteriously and consistently begin to “just work out” on their own.

But the best part? You don’t even need to be “enlightened” to live as a Soul. You don’t need to put in years and years of practice or meditation. You can start living as a Soul today.

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2 thoughts on “Life Changing Levels Part I: The Soul

  1. I don’t know if you are familiar with Neale Donald Walsch, but he has some ideas on spirituality and the soul that are a little bit in line with what you write here, especially the idea that we come back again and again (in his case, if we choose to do so in order to experience a different aspect of existence).

    • Yes, there are mixed reviews on what happens on the “other side,” but the evidence that we do/can reincarnate is pretty strong. Since we are “disembodied” on the other side, and thus can’t really grow since it is all interior (the smart have their books), I suspect most of us choose to return to the manifest world (exterior) to truly learn and grow (the wise have their scars).

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