Life Changing Levels Part II: The Mystic

Another View of the Trona Pinnacles

Another View of the Trona Pinnacles


November 12, 2015 10:17 AM

Continuing the levels of the Map that changed my life (and can change yours): The Mystic Level.

From the still-haven’t-settled-on-a-title book…

Life Changing Level 2: The Mystic

As you examine the dramatic increase in synchronistic events which began at the Soul level—as you look into how odds-defying good luck can be happening so consistently in your life—you’ll come to know first-hand what mystics down through the ages have always known: That the constant and consistent increase in good luck means that there is an all powerful, all knowing, all loving Intelligence operating behind the scenes. In other words, synchronicity implies God.

It is the shift from the Divine as an internal belief to one of external experience that marks the Mystic level.

With the desire to get to know TaoGod better, synchronistic events increase even more in both quantity and quality. It is almost as if the Divine rewards you for your efforts to get to know Her and experience Her in the everyday world. Your luck grows from the merely good to the fantastically miraculous.

Though it is certainly nice, the dramatic increase in luck isn’t the life changing part of the Mystic phase. Soon, as your faith in the reality of the Divine grows, a new, almost paranormal, quality starts to emerge: The awakening of Cosmic Consciousness.

Richard Bucke, back in the early 1900’s, was probably the first person to recognize this pattern of “another individuality, another self,” within spiritually advanced individuals. He called this phenomenon, the duplex personality. This second personality has access to information that far exceeds the knowledge or experiences of the individual. This “second personality” has direct access to Cosmic Consciousness.

With the awakening of Cosmic Consciousness, TaoGod starts to talk to you directly. Not as some burning bush or flaming whirlwind, but as ongoing insights, hunches, and divine guidance. Sometimes you’ll spontaneously say the exact words that someone needs to hear, or you’ll be mysteriously led to a place where your presence is desperately needed. Often you’ll have fantastic insights into problems that stump others. Spiritual truths—previously unknown—are constantly revealed as the Divine whispers them seductively in your ear.

When Cosmic Consciousness awakens in your life—when God Herself starts to converse and guide you—it is as if an entirely new and previously unseen dimension of the world opens up before you. The external world and the divine world merge and become one. You constantly feel loved, grateful and appreciative. It is as if everyday, you walk with God Herself beside you— protecting you, guiding you, and always, always, loving you.

When the Divine awakens in your life, that is the life changing event. Once Cosmic Consciousness awakens, you’ll never experience the world the same again.

Like the Soul level, enlightenment is not required to access the Mystic Level. Though enlightenment helps with the development of the Mystic level (the less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine), it is not required because the Mystic lives is in a relationship with the Divine, not in union with Her.

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5 thoughts on “Life Changing Levels Part II: The Mystic

  1. Love this excerpt Wayne. Very beautifully written – your book is shaping up to be an inspiring and great quality read!
    LOVE your photography too as always. You won’t have any shortage of images to choose from for you book cover!

  2. Wayne
    This musing rock being, highlighted by a churning heavens,,,blows me away.

    Thanks for permission to print,,,gotta have this yearning critter on my wall to revisit often.

    Lovin’ you for capturing this magical visage of her for me.c

  3. @All: Carol had asked where she could buy prints of my photos. Since I don’t sell them yet, anyone may download and print them (or use them as computer wallpaper, etc) as long as your use is non-commercial. Just click on an image to view the larger size, then right-click to save.

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