Life Changing Levels Part IV: TaoGod(I)

Today's Camp

Today’s Camp

West of RICE, CA

November 15, 2015 1:49 PM

Finally, the last of the levels that changed my life: TaoGod(I).

From the book-in-progress…

Life Changing Level 4: TaoGod(I)

After struggling with the Mystic’s Dilemma of the Ascetic level (“I know I am one with God, yet I still feel separate from God”), when you finally achieve a stable resolution of the paradox of you-the-individual and TaoGod-the-Divine as both a single entity AND two separate entities, then the truly miraculous happens: Your heart expands to infinity as God breathes you into life, moment-to-moment, day in and day out.

Where the expansion into infinity for the Witness is interior and mind-based, the expansion to infinity for TaoGod(I) is exterior and heart-based—Love, unconditional Love, pours out of you. Where I AM is the integration of the Relative (separation) with the Absolute (unity), TaoGod(I) is the integration of the individual with the Divine.

In a very real and profound sense, you as TaoGod(I) directly experience the miracle of the Divine becoming manifest: Of Love being breathed—transformed—into Life itself.

Everything feels intimate. Everything feels sensual. Everything feels infused with Love and Light and Divinity. Because you experience these divinely infused sensations directly, you effortlessly and unconditionally love everyone and everything.

You don’t try to love everyone. You don’t practice loving kindness. You don’t need to. Love becomes your natural state. You love everyone. You are kind to everyone. You are the Divine embodied as a human being. You feel what God feels. And because you see everyone this way—as God breathing each person into life continuously—rather than taking on a messiah complex or a savior role, you effortlessly and naturally acquire an attitude of gratitude and humility. You experience everyone and everything as a divine miracle happening right now, all around you.

Nothing you’ve experienced in your spiritual journey can compare to this amazing feeling of being God breathing. Nothing you’ve experienced even comes close.

Because this state of TaoGod(I) is a union with the Divine—a joining and merging with Her—enlightenment (the Witness level with its loss of self boundaries) is required.

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