Map 2

Map 2


August 23, 2015 2:57 PM

Feeling the need for a change in venue, I broke camp and headed north. I’m considering heading west to (eventually) the coast and from there heading down the coastal highway as winter comes on, but who knows? Freedom is a wonderful thing.

Above is an image of my new map of consciousness which I’ve put together for the book. These are phases that I’ve gone through over the years in my spiritual quest.

The small text under each phase/level represents what each phase’s primary motivation is—what that level finds (what I found) to be important.

I, the Eternal is the (symbolic) column of Light formed as TaoGodHer “pokes through” the barrier between the unmanifest and the manifest. It’s both a level and the whole individual and is motivated by harmony both within and without (inner and outer peace). All the lower levels are important to me now (and the harmony between them).

I, the Ascetic is what I went through during the recent Mystic’s Journal phase. Surrendering my will and sense of self to TaoGodHer was the key motivator there.

I, the Mystic was what I was going through during the awakening/realization of TaoGodHer and just as importantly, the duplex personality. Communion with TaoGodHer (as in an intimate relationship) was my primary focus.

I, the Witness was that first year or so after my Frog Master awakening. There the key quality and motivation was to remain detached from my thoughts—to remain a witness to them. This is reflected in the “How to Awaken” series of post.

I, the Soul was an instrumental period of my life. By living as a Soul, it encouraged me to take the risks of not only nomadic living, but the “Enlightenment or Bust” attitude. The primary motivation then was how my actions would affect my future lives (ie: I gave up on the goal of enlightenment to focus instead on progressing as far as I could for my next life).

I, the Ego was pre-awakening Wayne. The whole me-story (my past, my roles, my thoughts, …). I use the word “winning” to describe the primary motivation simply because I only wanted to use one word, but this might be more accurately described as “getting my way.” Many psychologists break out this phase into 5-10 levels, but I’m more concerned with the Soul-plus levels, so I just clumped them all into “I, the Ego.”

I, the Mortal is just there (for the book) to help the readers distinguish between egoic desires and instinctual ones. Survival is big here, as is comfort, pain avoidance, reproduction, health, etc.

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5 thoughts on “MAP 2

  1. Ultimately spirituality/ spirit/ taogodher cannot be quantified, defined or systematized. Any map of consciousness can only satisfy and guide the mind, pretending to come across as knowledge. All ideas, concepts only point to the truth, we must all live it, be it, experience the union like you have Wayne. All spiritual masters teach aspirants to walk their talk, b/c words can only take one further away from source and lead to delusion.
    Perhaps a more direct path would be to live, love consciously. Ultimately everyone finds their own path, but again, what do i know? 🙂
    Be well Wayne, thx for sharing u’r love.

    • “Any map of consciousness can only satisfy and guide the mind, pretending to come across as knowledge.”

      Sorry Maddie, but I don’t agree (I know this is an internet meme). I do agree that maps are not the territory, that we have to get off our butts and step away from the computer and actually apply our spirituality (poke a hole through our interior to the exterior), but without a map, we can spend years and years (and lifetimes) wandering around in the woods of confusion, hopelessly lost. A map in such circumstances can be incredibly useful.

  2. I’m still laughing about the iPad incident. Not laughing at you, of course, laughing at how things happen and our reaction to them. Liked that you shared, liked even more your wise reaction. The synchronicity of that car being there…
    Now your latest= this map, so to speak. Glad you are willing to analyze, I think many will like. I must be all thought out, or just lazy,cause all I want to do is to dwell in the glory of sweet Silence.

    • “all I want to do is to dwell in the glory of sweet Silence.”

      I know what you mean, and it is often sooooo tempting, but I’m also driven to share. Though this isn’t the reason I share, my mother—years ago—asked me, “What good is all this doing anyone if you don’t share it?”

      The vastness aspect of awakening, when dwelled in long enough, causes a very real feeling that everyone is a part of you. It’s not a bodhisattva vow, it’s a bodhisattva’s love of TaoGodHer in all Her manifest forms.

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