Mt. Shasta and My Shadow

Mt. Shasta Happenings

Mt. Shasta Happenings


October 19, 2015 10:31 AM

Walking along the sidewalks of Mt. Shasta, I was surprised by how I felt about this place. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I’ve been through this town a few times before, and each time I always felt the way I usually feel around New Agers and new age communities: Conflicted.

Not this time though. Not at all. Something big has changed.

Something big has changed inside me.

I’ve done a lot of shadow work in my time—Debbie FordHolosyncActive Imagination—and after my Dark Night of the Soul, I thought all my Shadow material had been purged in that one wonderful/awful eight hour experience.

Last time I was here in Mt. Shasta was pre-Frog Master. Apparently, Shadow stuff can leak out all on its own post-awakening.

I used to have this odd attraction/aversion to New Agers: I loved their carefree spirit but I couldn’t stand their (seemingly) gullibility in believing every wacky idea that came along.

This used to cause me great consternation because I was always attracted to New Age women. I absolutely loved (and I would never say this out loud or even type it because it’s so un-PC) Yoga Babes, Hippy Chicks, and Artsy Girls.

loved new age women.

But, but, but, and I can’t stress this enough, BUT I absolutely couldn’t stand how they thought: They were happy, but (seemed) ditzy. They were playful, but (seemed) gullible.

I was like some alternate universe Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory secretly yearning for Penny but not being able to get over my inner (Shadow) need for order and evidence and logic and explanations.

But somewhere along the way—sometime over the last six years since I last walked these new age streets—the dark shadow of (judgement, order, neatness) has leaked out of my system all on its own.

We all want Happiness.

The Cartographer seeks happiness in the details.

The Explorer seeks it in the terrain.

The Religious seek it in sacred texts.

The Mystic seeks it in communion with the Divine.

The Theorist seeks it in order and logic and natural laws.

The New Ager seeks it in natural chaos. Natural chaos brought about by intentional gullibility.

To the New Ager, the facts aren’t important at all—playing is.

What’s important to the New Ager is something most of us forgot when Society put adult pants on our behinds: Playing brings Happiness. Imagination brings Happiness. Appreciation brings Happiness.

Intentional gullibility makes for Shiny Happy People.

What an idiot I was…

We all want to be happy.

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