My Map of Consciousness (Version I)

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August 10, 2015 1:50 PM

The result of my OS Reboot. The following is based on my personal experiences, so this “map” will differ from other religious, philosophical, and people’s theories. I doubt it is complete (ie: Version I), and I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but in the interest of transparency, here’s what I/She/We wrote this morning in coffee shop in Colorado Springs:

Diagram (softest to densest):

  • Source/Godhead/Tao
  • I, the Eternal (Light “poked through” Godhead). AKA: Atman.
  • Contractions of I, the Eternal (softest to densest)
    • I, the Eternal
    • Me-whatever-that-is
    • Witness-and-God (duplex personality)
    • Witness
    • Me-Thoughts
    • Soul
    • Mortal

Note: This is a map of my personal experiences and thus will probably differ from other maps of “the evolution of Consciousness.” This map is also a holarchy (hat tip Ken Wilber): All higher parts of I, the Eternal, are composed of their lower parts and thus the lower parts are just as important (more so really) than the higher. ie: While alive, the body (as well as the Soul, and Me-thoughts, and …) is a required part of me, the Eternal. All the lower parts are required contractions of me, the Eternal. They are required in order to function in this manifest world (you can’t function here without a body). I never lost them, I just stopped identifying with them.

Qualities of I, the Eternal (so far as I can tell):

  • Conscious (Light of Awareness)
  • Location (a center)
  • Vastness (no boundaries)
  • Love (flowing outward)
  • Communion (touch/join all you experience (see, smell, taste, touch, hear, think))
  • Eternal (Time is something you experience and thus you recognize you are separate from Time—Time arises within you, the Eternal. Supporting evidence is evidence of the Soul.)
  • Divine (You, the Eternal, are not fully God, but God is fully you, the Eternal.)

Phases of I, the Eternal (in order of appearance):

(again, I want to stress these are based on my personal experiences)

  1. Ignorance of Witness (Ego. “I am the Me-thoughts.”)
  2. Awakening of Witness (Enlightenment. Personal self/ego seen as an illusion. “I am the Witness separate from Me-thoughts.”)
  3. Trials (“I-as-the-Witness trying to adapt to the manifest world.”)
  4. Heart Opening begins (God Descending)
    1. Divine Communion (Duplex personality. Mystic realization. Both I-as-the-Witness and God “in here.” Me-thoughts still “out there.”)
    2. Integration of Witness & Me-thoughts (“Me-whatever-that-is.”)
    3. Divine Integration (Resolution of the Mystic’s Dilemma. Boundaries between me and God dissolve. “I am a contraction of God.”)
  5. Heart Opening concludes (Love/God descends unhindered/unresisted.)
  6. I, the Eternal (Love, Light. A point of God.)

Note: I suspect #4.1 (the awakening of the duplex personality) and #4.2 (the integration of Me-thoughts and Witness) are interchangeable and can/will happen concurrently. It is just that in my case, this was the most pronounced order.

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4 thoughts on “My Map of Consciousness (Version I)

  1. Wayne, is this the never ending spiral of spiritual cosmology? I was listening to a very dear friend of mine talk about chakras and koshas and the infinitesimal subtle bodies and I had the feeling that it was all beside the point. Stop the mind, open the heart and train the witness to watch unceasingly. Everything else is either grace or confusion.

    • Sorry Mark but I disagree.

      “Stop the mind.” I’ve never seen any evidence this is possible, at least not permanently. The mind is a part of our humanity (a holon).

      “Open the heart.” Not the way I’m talking. It wasn’t a manual process, but something that was done to me. It’s called a heart opening, not “I opened my heart.”

      “Train the witness to watch.” Watching is the default for the Witness, but I’m also talking about the integration of the Witness with the rest of the holons (lower and upper levels).

      Anyway, I share because I was lost for years and would have loved to find a transparent teacher (but never could). Just my way.

  2. Hi Wayne,do you experience anything different in presence of mystical persons or places….anything you can share….In India spiritual aspirants are asked to stay at specified places and do sadhana for faster results….I know very little of US……one is Mt.Shasta and iii,Tennessee.

    • I often find some camps have a more positive or negative feel to them, but I’ve never experienced this in famous “spiritual” places (ie: Sedona, Mt. Shasta).

      I get the usual bliss/open feeling when around authentic spiritual teachers, but I did have a very cool Amma experience recently (don’t know if that will fit in with your theory/research/question).

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