Never Too Safe Too Often

San Bernardino in the Distance

San Bernardino in the Distance


November 10, 2015 4:55 PM

Though I knew it was time to leave, I didn’t know where to go—no where was calling me. So I closed the map book, started the engine and just drove—following my heart, following the Pull, following Her whispers.

She took me through the the San Bernardino National Forest—a beautiful route, a route I’d never taken. But it was cold up there so I followed the road to lower, (slightly) warmer elevations.

No where was calling me this morning, and now I find myself in the middle of Nowhere.

When faced with the unknown, my mind will practically always present the safest option.

But rarely is the safest option the most memorable.

My heart loves adventure—loves living. My mind likes to play it safe, to know the outcome ahead of time.

I don’t like to play it too safe too often.

The smart have their books, the wise have their scars.

And the Heart is much braver than the Head.

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2 thoughts on “Never Too Safe Too Often

  1. Oh boy !
    Wayne i feel into your words today as if you’re talking straight to me, right now !!
    thank the ‘You’ for having synchronised this so that its not possible to step aside
    “and the Heart is much braver than the Head”

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