Pre-Re-Launch Notes

Home on the (Mountain) Range

Home on the (Mountain) Range


June 29, 2015 12:08 PM

I’ve received a few emails welcoming me back to the online world—which I found surprising since I’ve been blogging heavily over at A Mystic’s Journal the whole time I was “gone.” I guess some of you don’t read my posts very thoroughly (this one in particular). 🙂 Sorry about that.

Now that I’ve resolved and (largely) integrated the Mystic’s Dilemma, I’ll be closing up A Mystic’s Journal at the end of the month and resuming my blogging here.

Important Note 1: I have been creating a series of books from the Mystic’s Joural website and publishing them on Amazon, but please don’t buy those “series” books as I will be replacing them with an all-in-one book (all the posts) very soon. I’ve tried to remove the existing “series” books from Amazon, but they apparently have to run their pre-allotted sales course first.

Important Note 2: If you’ve transferred your email subscription to the newer subscription service, you may be receiving two of these blog post updates in your inbox (one from the new service, one from the old). If this applies to you, just unsubscribe from the old service using the link at the bottom of the email containing the text, “Email delivery powered by Google” in the lower right corner.

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5 thoughts on “Pre-Re-Launch Notes

  1. Hi, Wayne!

    Was just revisiting discussion of Christopher Langan’s CTMU theory….the main url provides an overview for reference. The extended url below is a Q&A session between various questioners and Chris himself. Curious to know if you’re familiar with him at all and, if so, what you might think of his theory? It purports to explain things like reincarnation, a soul, a ‘God’, etc. If not, curious if any section(s) of it seem valid to you…

  2. Second thought – the first question/answer in the link contained in my previous comment and this particular question (and subsequent answer) more or less encompass the stuff I’m asking about:

    Q: Does the CTMU allow for the existence of souls and reincarnation?

    ….the entire page gets rather lengthy and time-consuming, so I thought I should probably define what my original questions more specifically related to …

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