An Im-PERR-fect Leaf

An Im-PERR-fect Leaf


October 18, 2015 7:57 AM

Sometimes I think the world isn’t ready for what I have to say. I often think about just giving up blogging and throwing in the towel. PURR spirituality (Puppies, Unicorns, Rainbows, and Ribbons) is so very popular, while AARG spirituality (Applied, Authentic, Real, and Genuine) is often received with contempt and criticism.

I asked a spiritual friend of mine how he’d have responded to a reader’s request about how an awakened person would deal with The Fight Syndrome and he replied with a very standard nondual answer about mind and thoughts and mis-taking Reality for perception.

This is very PURR-fect, it’s what nondualists tend to believe and in a perfect nondual society (“society” stressed), all would be wonderful and puppies and unicorns would dance under rainbows while wearing pretty pink ribbons.

But that’s not the world I live in (in response to a reader’s question, “In what world are you living?”).

The world I live in is very, well, earthy:

Here’s how I reacted when a MAN drew his PISTOL, pointed it at my chest and shouted very angrily at me because he didn’t like what I was doing.

Here’s how I reacted when—in the middle of the forest where no one can witness you getting killed—two MEN placed their hands on their GUNS, maneuvered themselves to get me in their kill zone, and told me in no uncertain terms that they didn’t like what I was doing.

Here’s how I reacted when two MEN—again in the middle of the forest—barged into my camp with SHOTGUNS in their hands and angrily told me they didn’t like what I was doing.

Here’s how I reacted when a gentle giant approached me in a casino.

Here’s how I reacted when a stranger confessed to me how guilty he felt about his father.

Here’s how I reacted when I came across two grieving brothers.

Here’s how I reacted to a young man questioning his life’s direction.

Here’s how I reacted when a group of coeds desperately needed to find a place to camp.

AARG spirituality is often very beautiful, but it is also—like the yin and the yang—dark sometimes too.

PURR spirituality is all about the light side, while the dark is rarely every talked about, much less demonstrated by real-world examples.

I don’t PURR. I don’t stand on the stage with the curtain pulled tightly closed behind me—hiding the darker things in Life.

I AARG. All the examples of my actions above are AARGs—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

PURRs sell. Practically every spiritual teacher PURRs to their audience. Publishers publish PURR spirituality all the time (and I suspect may not be too receptive to an AARGer).

But PURRing is just not my way.

I’m not a theoretical nondualist, I’m an applied nondualist. I live this stuff—I don’t just talk about it.

I’m AARG to my core. I’m rough around the edges. It’s just the way this thing I find myself encased in is built.

My life is filled with the Bad and the Ugly and the Confused…AND it’s filled with the Good and the Beautiful and the True.

But I’d be doing you a terrible disservice if I only talked about the PURR-fect stuff. I respect you too much for that.

AARG Spirituality: Good for the pirates, bad for the masses.

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4 thoughts on “PURRs and AARGs

  1. I just love the way you are. Makes me breathe easier. It is far more ‘comfortable’ to not be truly as one is.
    I fully concur with Rob.

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