Rebooting My OS

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July 15, 2015 9:08 AM

I haven’t been doing much spiritual practice lately. No spiritual development. I feel like I’m going through a sort of reboot—you know, when your computer has loaded a new operating system and the restart process takes a bit longer than normal?

Kinda like that.

It’s not uncomfortable or anything. It’s just kind of a temporary and required nothing.

It feels kind of nice.

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7 thoughts on “Rebooting My OS

  1. Wow, Wayne this photo is BREATHTAKING!!! You have such a great eye for composition! Have you ever thought of taking up painting?
    I wasn’t getting your emails anymore and then I realised it was your other blog I had subscribed to. Will enjoy catching up on your recent posts!
    Thanks for contributing a snippet of beauty to the world today in the form of this photo!

  2. I emailed you during the switch over,so I’ll try again. What you are doing is so way cool! Had a major switch over myself. Been thinking about moving,found a house in NC, sold my IN house in a day, and moved. Took a day trip to the Uwharrie National Forest and had an ‘ eater of worlds’ experience. Stepped out of my SUV to witness the invisible. I felt the web before I saw it, or the spider. The web wasn’t attatched to anything, at least that I could see. I looked and looked to see something that this web attatched to. Nada. In wonderment I stood, staring at the tiniest spider spinning away, in midair, touching – nothing. And, of course, everything.

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