Some Pleasant Surprises

Pettit Lake, ID

Pettit Lake, ID

Sawtooth NRA, ID

September 11, 2015 2:07 PM

I expected to be offline for a few days while I explored the Sawtooth National Recreation Area—the coverage maps I’d viewed showed it to be a dead zone—but after stumbling across a wonderful creekside camp yesterday, I rebooted my mifi card (just for yucks) and it unexpectedly found the Signal. It’s spotty, but enough to get emails (and hopefully upload this post).

It’s a beautiful camp here, quiet and pleasant and with lots of wildlife (birds, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, antelope), so I may stay a few days and work on the book.

On the book, I’m still outlining it. I’ve got the core down, but now I’m going through a local copy of all my older blog posts and adding references to them in the outline where appropriate. The idea is to use the posts to add the personal, first-person perspective in order to support the more objective side of the text. Adding all these posts makes for an uber-detailed outline, but hopefully the detail will make it that much easier to write.

Filling in the outline is certainly making it easier to procrastinate about writing it.

Anyway, when I do move on, I may be offline for a bit, so don’t take any silence ominously.

All is well.

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2 thoughts on “Some Pleasant Surprises

  1. Hello, I just stumbled on your blog. Very interesting blog/journey.
    I did a six month road trip across Canada and through the US years ago, and I dream of setting off again some day, but circumstances prevent me from fulfilling this dream. Maybe one day though.
    You are truly fortunate to be able to wander like you do.
    I shall follow your progress with interest.

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