Soul Research

Desert Night

Desert Night


November 21, 2015 1:30 PM

For the last few days I’ve been working on the book in the mornings—researching and collecting evidence of the Soul—then driving in the afternoons, searching for that perfect camping spot.

I’ve been disappointed that Arizona seems to have recently taken to enforcing their no trespassing laws on state lands—lands that in the past I would often camp on. So now I’m forced into “explorer-mode” at a time where I’d like to go to ground and get some writing done. Ideally this “ground” would be close enough to a town where I can work in its coffee shops (which I find conducive to writing), but so far, the only places I’ve found lately were in Lone Pine and Ridgecrest—towns that for some reason I felt compelled to move on from (OK, Lone Pine was getting downright cold at night).

No biggie in the grand scheme of things (I live forever (as do you)), so through the weekend, I’ll stay right here, camped on a ridge above an OHV staging area. Maybe after the weekend I’ll treat myself to a day or two at the nearby park as a sort of reward for all the work I’m getting done.

My plan for the Soul chapter is to bring together enough evidence of the Soul—through accounts of near death experiences, shared death experiences, documented and researched past life experiences (usually of children), hypnotic regression into the in-between lives state, and patterns found common in these areas—so as to convince the reader of the authenticity of the Soul.

Lots of reading, lots of research, lots of note taking, but none of it real writing, so the loss of coffee shop time isn’t all that important.

I’m a lucky man that way, because, well, as you know, She works in mysterious ways. 🙂

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