Strengthening I, the Witness

The Tetons at Dawn

The Tetons at Dawn


September 1, 2015 9:27 AM

For three days I wandered and camped along the Grey’s River in western Wyoming. No internet. No TV. No radio. No connection with the outside world whatsoever. Like a silent retreat, I found this disconnect from society’s collective Mind powerful and refreshing.

With nothing to do but watch chipmunks and birds skitter and flitter about, the distinction between Interior noise and Exterior reality becomes crystal clear as I, the Witness separates from the inner whirlwind of the mind. As self boundaries collapse and vanish, the Mortal/Ego/Soul knot of “I” gently merges with all that is seen and heard—the “me knot” dissolves into Reality.

The Witness detaches from the Interior and all is seen as the same: As I.

To strengthen the Witness Level, one must learn to see (and therefore distance oneself) from their thoughts—one must learn to see the difference between the Interior world of the Mind and the Exterior world of Reality.

The “thoughts” of the TV and the radio and the internet (and friends and family and co-workers) all add to this Interior noise, all add to the confusion, all add to the magnetic pull of the Mind.

But what are you when you disconnect from your thoughts?

What are you when you stop being in here—when the inner you disappears?

What happens when you can witness your Interior just as clearly as you witness your exterior surroundings?

What happens?

All becomes One.

All becomes You.

Completely Unrelated Bonus Material:

The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox

This little guy wandered into camp this morning. He was well aware of me, yet wasn’t skittish in the least. Apparently he’s a member of the famed and rare, silver fox family.

As I snapped the shutter, I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude.

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10 thoughts on “Strengthening I, the Witness

  1. Very awesome.
    I guess you heard by now about the passing of Wayne Dyer..I love what Eckhart Tolle said..I love you and I’ll see you around.

  2. That’s a beautiful comment, Brenda. Wayne Dyer, via Good Housekeeping, McCall’s, or other magazines, was an early (and such a masterful) guide in my life.

    That’s an astounding photograph, Wayne—the fox one where shapes, boundaries and borders blend and almost collapse. strengthening your message. Thank you for blessing us with that. A further thanks is this little postscript:


    A fox was shot
    with a little box
    that had a trigger
    and a lens.

    That fox is caught,
    but still roams free
    and now is captured
    by my pen.

  3. OMG!! That fox, hardly can believe he,she is real . Have seen many a red fox, but this, oh my, are you one lucky guy!! Thanks!
    The fox, according to Ted Anderson, can symbolize shape shifting
    And invisibility…” With practice you can develop this same kind of ability and apply it so that you may hear and see things you could otherwise could not.”

    • “With practice you can develop this same kind of ability and apply it so that you may hear and see things you could otherwise could not.”

      Wow. That’s pretty much my life life, isn’t it? 🙂

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