TaoGod(I): Metaphors of the Ocean

From my book "Fading Toward Enlightenment"

Image from my book “Fading Toward Enlightenment”


October 24, 2015 11:33 AM

In trying to pin down a more accurate name for I, the EternalI LOVEI AM LOVE, etc., I’ve been spending a lot of time “going in and out” of this level to try to clarify it. In doing so, I’ve been reminded of all the ocean metaphors I’ve used over the years to describe the various phases I’ve been through.

Soul: The Wave on the Ocean. When living as a Soul, I often felt like a wave upon the Ocean. While still feeling quite separate from the Ocean (TaoGodHer), I also knew I was a part of it. Additionally, like a wave, I felt I had a sense of direction (purpose for having come back).

Witness: The Raindrop in the Ocean. At the Witness level, having seen through all boundaries, I felt like a raindrop that had fallen into the Ocean/Source. I had a location, but little else to distinguish “me” from everything else. It was quite disorienting at first, and very directionless.

I AM: A Current on the Ocean. With the Paradox resolved, I now felt like a current on the Ocean. While still one with the Ocean, I also felt separate from the Ocean. I had direction once again: to flow with Life wherever it led me.

Mystic: A Current IN the Ocean. Once the Divine was acknowledged whole-heartedly (as a Soul, She was more theoretical), I felt like an entirely new dimension to my life had opened up. No longer a current restricted to the surface of the Ocean, I now could move through Her depths as I came to know Her more completely and intimately.

Ascetic: A Translucent Jellyfish in the Ocean. With the desire to surrender completely to Her, the archetypes of Self (self-concerns, self-interest, self-centeredness, …) rebelled and a strong sense of feeling separate from TaoGodHer arose (as opposed to I AM where the union is with Tao/Source (but not TaoGodHer)). Realizing and feeling this separation left me feeling very much like a translucent jellyfish in the ocean—almost invisible, almost intangible, but still very much separate from Her/the Ocean.

TaoGod(I): An Undulation in the Ocean. As TaoGod(I) (my current term for this level), as an individual embodiment of TaoGodHer/the Divine/the Ocean, the feeling of physical separation from Her is gone. Instead, there is a felt sense of being God breathing. The feel is distinctly like the translucent jellyfish undulating through the Ocean, but without the jellyfish. I am a tiny undulation within the vast Ocean of God.

As I sit here in this cafe typing this post, my sense of “me” feels invisible and indistinct even as I’m aware of these fingers typing and the music and the couple chatting and I feel the undulation of all these things, of TaoGodHer breathing each of these things to life.

It’s wonderful and beautiful and magical. TaoGodHer brought to life. God breathing all of us to life…


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