The Fading Light

The Fading Light


August 9, 2015 8:47 AM

I looked up from Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything to see the valley awash in the soft, golden light of the setting sun. Grabbing my camera, I hustled down the dirt road to get a clear and unobstructed shot.

Moments later, the sun dropped behind the low hanging clouds and the scene faded to dull, flat shades of grey.

Light is everything to a photographer, and light like this lasts only a few seconds.

I smiled, grateful for the timing, and whispered a heartfelt, “Thank-you.”

Turning around I was surprised to find, laying at my feet, an uprooted wildflower.

My first thought was that it had been run over, but it was uprooted, not bent. Nor could any human hands have placed it there as no one had been up this lonely and isolated road today—and even if they had been, why would they place a flower in the center of a dirt road, way out here in the middle of nowhere?

But I knew, this was not for the mind to understand… it was for the heart.

In that moment, it felt as if God Herself had lain the flower there behind my back at the exact moment that I had whispered, “Thank-you.”

“No,” She whispered in return. “Thank-you for seeing Me.”

"Thank-YOU," She whispered.

“Thank-YOU,” She whispered.

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11 thoughts on “Thank-You

  1. Beautiful pictures Wayne!! Flowers and nature in general are my inspirational sources…where I find my thank-you’s as well…but this morning it was of a different kind: while walking very early in the morning around Balboa Park in SDiego where I am doing my stealth camping in my van for a month or so i found 2 $10 dollar bills on the sidewalk….wow…sure Spirit knows where I can get a good jolt of thankfulness 🙂 money is not everything but sure life is much easier and softer when the basics are covered…not much, just the basics for me is enough. And interestingly enough it happened right while I was entranced looking at the beautiful flowers around…mysterious ways She has…
    Happy trails…

  2. Wayne, this is one of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen.

    And gypsyM…I lost a $10 bill Friday. Glad it found its way to you!

  3. Wayne, The Fading Light photo is simply outstanding, one of the most beautiful I’ve seen on any travel/RV blog this year. It is a perfect example of representational photography with perfect composition and detail. You should submit it to any organization that is having a photography contest this year.

    I have camped at Eleven Mile Lake which is I believe is in the background of the photo but I’ve never seen the lake from the side of your boondock. I shall have to visit there sometime.

  4. I know those magical moments when the sun is just about to disappear in the evening and the warm light it can bring.

    The flower you found looks like Yarrow. Yarrow is an aromatic somewhat scented herb. It can be used in infusion to treat cold and drinking the infusion also expands the blood vessels and can make you tired.

    Yarrow is a legendary herb in the sense that it was used in the ancient times for the divination system I-Ching. You broke the stem into smaller shards/pieces and threw them on the ground and divinated from the pattern they made.

  5. I lost the other $10 that found its way to you, Gypsy Maggie.

    Recalling your musings and reflections,,,this is the sweetest story of them ALL.

    Squeezed something wet out from my eyes, it did,,,
    witnessing the gentle appreciation you and She share for one another.

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