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My Little Friend

My Little Friend


July 5, 2015 10:28 AM

Practically every morning, this little guy hops into my van to do some exploring, then a group of five ATV’ers drive down the road at 10:30 (just now), and—like clockwork—it rains off and on from noon until nightfall. Such a busy life I have.

My latest book, A Mystic’s Journal: The Dilemma of Divine Surrender is now available on Amazon. It contains the complete text of the website but in a much easier to read format. I’d love it if some of you would post reviews to Amazon, even if you just followed along with the website while it was being written (it’s the same text).

Because of space limitations, I didn’t include photos, so yesterday I created a Favorite Photos link in the menu bar above.

Here’s the Introduction to A Mystic’s Journal:

My name is Wayne Wirs and I am a rational, nondual Mystic. Practically everything you may want to know about me can be found on my blog.

This book, A Mystic’s Journal, was taken directly from the website of the same name. While I have been blogging for over a decade, I created the site, A Mystic’s Journal, to document my struggles with what I would come to call the Mystic’s Dilemma—the conflict a modern-day mystic has in seeking union with the Divine while still faced with the realities of living a life of separation.

Since this book is taken directly from my former online journal, there are a few items to note:

  • I often used bolded text throughout the blog posts to help online readers determine the gist of the articles. This formatting has been carried over as-is in this book.
  • I have a rather odd vocabulary—a vocabulary built by necessity over years of trying to describe the indescribable. New readers may find the hyperlinks I provide to previous articles useful in understanding what I’m talking about. Veteran readers of my work (and you’ll be a veteran in no time) mostly ignore these links as they’ve already learned how to speak Wayne-ish.
  • I live in a van (by choice) and meander around the country rather aimlessly, so the posts often start (ala news stories) with my current location.
  • A Mystic’s Journal—the blog—was my personal diary. As such, I didn’t go into a lot of detail on every subject that crossed my mind. Fortunately, I’ve been blogging for more than a decade—both before and after my initial awakening—so I often included links to articles explaining these subjects more thoroughly.

Finally, all text was written largely in real-time with little or no editing, so there will be typos and grammatical mistakes throughout. In keeping with the stumbling-about-as-I-go nature of a diary, I’ve left the text as it was originally written. Since Forgiveness and Empathy are such powerful spiritual practices, please view all typos as bonus material.

Wayne Wirs
July 2, 2015

A Mystic's Journal

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4 thoughts on “The Book: A Mystic’s Journal

  1. Although I haven’t bought the book yet, I’m giving your MysticsJournal blog a very thorough read. So I felt qualified and was happy to write an Amazon review. I hope the book reaches and helps many readers!

    • What a wonderful review Jacklyn. 🙂 Plus I’m glad that “living as a Soul” has helped out so much (I really wish more people would live this way). Thanks again.

  2. Hi Wayne, I’ve been following your blogs for about a year now. I read all of “A Mystic’s Journal”. I’m not sure exactly when I started reading your blogs, I’m thinking around mid 2014. I would not read the current ones for a few days to let them get built up. I found the beginning of your first blog around 2001 and I’m currently up to November 2010. I’ve also watched several of your youtube videos. I read “The Implications of the Soul” in one sitting. I’ve also read some of “The Benefits of Mystical Oneness”.
    I enjoyed reading about getting your RV and selling your dirtbike (I thought the Jeep was awesome), purchasing and fixing up your stealth van, your talks about her, and sychronicity, the trouble you had with clients when writing code, your friend Michelle, etc. I know you quite well, even though I’ve only been “the witness” of your life up until now.
    I dabble in enlightenment, Metaphysics, Practical Christianity, and Zen Buddhism. I don’t consider myself enlightened, although I do practice staying in the now and being the witness. I’m also recovering from a strict religious upbringing. I’ve spent the last twenty some odd years undoing a lot of religious and legalistic concepts and habits. I’m now a relatively peaceful and contented person, except when it comes to motorcycles, I’m addicted. I’m also pretty much a settler. I like being at home after a day at work, vegging out at the computer.
    So, if you’re ever in Tyler, Texas, send me an email, I’d like to meet you. I appreciate you writing and sharing how you’re learning how to function in the world of duality as an awakened being. I made a small donation to show my gratitude. Thanks Wayne. Your friend Jack.

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