The Divine Thread

On the Road To Parker, AZ

On the Road To Parker, AZ


November 16, 2015 12:36 PM

I worked on the book through four Pomodoros and when I was done the wind was still blowing brutally and the dust, the dust was making it miserable, so I did what any drifter would do and I hopped in the driver’s seat and drifted.

I’ve been experiencing something lately, something I wanted to be sure of before sharing—the nature of Self from the highest perspective I have access to.

When one accesses the Witness state, the level of enlightenment, one comes to realize that he is “pure awareness,” that everything he sees is an object in his awareness. This state of pure awareness is often called Absolute Truth—pure awareness without any boundaries—and all that is seen as “separate” is downgraded to relative truth.

At TaoGod(I), in a similar vein as the Witness, the feel of “me” is impossible to perceive—one can’t perceive oneself—but instead I visualize this “pure me” like an individual glowing thread of the Divine—of TaoGodHer. To imagine this, just visualize a fiber-optic cable but without the cable—a glowing, liquid, flowing Love-filled thread of Light.

Just like the Witness, you can’t “see” or perceive this thread (the Witness can’t see himself), but like the Witness’ Absolute Truth which has a property of pure awareness, in a similar way this Divine Thread as Self has a property of pure awareness plus capital-L Love. A single “instance” of Divine Love which “undulates” through the thread.

But what is really interesting, is that whatever this thread “touches” via its focus or awareness, it becomes (see the post Fear and Focus). When I-the-thread-of-the-Divine focus on the Witness level, I become the Witness as my attention (the Love and Light) infuses that level. When I-the-thread-of-the-Divine focus on the Ego, I become the ego because I infuse the mind and begin to take everything personally. When I-the-thread-of-the-Divine focus on the Mystic level, I infuse the Mystic—bringing him to life—and then I revel in my relationship with TaoGodHer. When I focus on the Vastness, I become the Vastness. When I focus on Fear, me-as-the-Divine-thread “touch” Fear, infuse it, bring it to life, and I become Fear.

Gravity was never discovered. It was just pointed out. Same with this. We as individual Divine Threads is obvious once it is revealed, once it is pointed out and experienced.

Before I awoke to the TaoGod(I) level, I would feel these “infusions” as what I would often called contractions. Now though, AS a thread of TaoGodHer, these infusions—of me-as-the-thread “touching” and infusing the various levels—it feels much more natural and pure and perfect. It’s no longer felt as a harsh and unexpected contraction, but a natural process—almost like an inanimate glass being filled with living water. It brings the inanimate and unmanifest archetypes to life.

This divine infusion through the individual is simply the way that TaoGodHer manifests into this world. How She becomes real.

How She becomes you.

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  1. Hi Wayne
    nothing spiritual in my comment… That picture looks like the landscape of the game FALLOUT 4. More seriously, i like to follow you on your blog and i’m eager to buy your book. (amazon?) Let me know about that. Thanks Wayne

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