The Eater of Worlds

The Field and the Vista

The Field and the Vista


July 13, 2015 10:51 AM

I sat on a berm overlooking a lush, green ski tract with the Rocky Mountains forming a beautiful and natural panoramic backdrop. As I thought about something Jerry Freeman and I had just discussed a few moments earlier, a tall, purple flower tottered across the field of grass in front of me, then shrank and disappeared down a tiny hole—carried along, presumably, by some small and unseen rodent.

In my entire life, I had never seen anything like that.

I had set up my camp chair overlooking a beautiful vista to contemplate and re-experience something that I was calling “God seeing through me” (me as Semi-Divine) and what Jerry was referring to as “Brahman, the Eater of Worlds”… and how Man (as the contraction of TaoGodHer) is required for God to experience Herself.

God “eating” the world is—in my experience—simply Her seeing Herself as a Tree (“eating” (consuming/experiencing) Herself as the Tree) and through this eating/consuming, She grows (becomes more aware of Herself). Of course this can’t happen without me (or someone) sitting here looking at the tree.

Oddly enough (though for long-time readers this shouldn’t seem odd in the slightest), the tall, purple flower meandering across the field of grass and being “eaten” by the Earth, reflected this idea of God as the Eater of Worlds so perfectly and synchronistically as to be… well… Divinely manifested.

As I said, in my entire life, I had never seen anything like that—a flower stumbling across a field then being eaten by Mother Earth—and yet “God as the Eater of Worlds” was the exact thing I had sat down to contemplate/experience.

I am always amazed and grateful for these little miracles.

More importantly, I’m always humbled by them.

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3 thoughts on “The Eater of Worlds

  1. King Akbar met with a little accident one day.His ministers promptly arranged for treatment and did the grave-digging.Found from king that he saw washerman(dhobi) as first encounter in a distant view from his bedroom.He was brought to court and ordered beheading.One clever minister called Birbal spoke to him secretly.The washerman mustered courage and asked permission to speak with king.In a relaxed mood,king agreed.The washerman said: Dear King,you saw me as first encounter and met with little accident.But I have seen you which resulted me in losing the head itself. I am less evil omen than your Majesty.The King laughed and let him away.

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