The Eyes Of God—A Practice

A Subtle Self Portrait

A Subtle Self Portrait


December 24, 2015 10:29 AM

What was the inner experience like for Christ? Let’s forget the biblical stories and miracles and lessons for a moment, but instead (what you focus on, you become) focus on what it is to be so awake that the Divine and the Individual become practically indistinguishable from each other.

What follows is the highest form of spiritual practice that I am capable of. I wish everyone could see and experience life this way, so in humbleness, please consider this my Christmas gift to you.

A Note

When I say, “Recede into the background” …

  1. If you don’t have access to the Witness yet, then think of yourself as a full screen computer program and “minimize” yourself to a tiny, little icon at the bottom corner of the computer screen—way out of the way.
  2. If you do have access to the Witness, remove your self/ego/you-thing from the experience.
  3. If you want access to the Witness (or the Witness is being stubborn), do (1) then try to remove the icon (2)—or at least make it as small (open, open, open) as possible.

The Practice

Think of yourself as a sense organ of the Divine. Through your body, the Divine experiences the world, but while the (me-me-me) Ego is strong, She experiences the world as if She were blind and deaf and with deadened senses. Because the (me-me-me-me-me!) Ego blocks Her senses, She’s aware of the world, but it appears cloudy and murky and dark and dull.

You live most of your life for yourself, but while doing this practice, you must change this attitude! You are not doing this practice for you, you are doing it as a gift to Her.

You will be giving Her—if only for a moment—the gift of human sight and hearing and taste and touch.

So let’s begin…

Recede into the background. Make your inner self as small and tiny as possible. Let go of your thoughts—this practice is not about you!—and fade and shrink and most of all open.

Open, open, open. Recede (the less there is of you) into the background so that (the more there is of Her) She can come through—so that She can see and hear and taste and touch through your body.

Allow God to see what your eyes see. Focus your attention on the colors and shapes and patterns around you. Give Her the gift of sight. Show Her what She has so longed to see had you only let Her.

Open, open, open.

Allow Her to hear what your ears hear. Focus your attention on the subtle, everyday sounds and know that She (finally) hears clearly through you. Listen to a favorite song and hear (share, be) it with Her. You are aware. She is aware. You and She are one being—as That which is aware.

Open, open, open.

Allow Her to feel what you feel. Run your fingers along wood and fabric and skin. Sense Her experiencing the textures and temperatures and intimacy, through you, as you give this gift to Her. What you are aware of, She is aware of.

Open, open, open.

Allow Her to taste what you taste. Take a sip of coffee or a bite of chocolate and focus (what you focus on, you become) on the flavors and know that She is savoring this gift—is grateful for your gift. Taste it, and give Her this flavor as a gift to Her and

Open, open, open and

Feel Her gratitude for your gift. Feel Her love and appreciation at your (sacrifice) willingness to recede so that She might live. Feel and understand the Christ story first-hand—in this new light—and recognize that it was never a tragedy at all… that enlightenment is not a gift for you, but a gift for God Herself.

Recede. Open. Allow. Give yourself to Her. And know what it is like to be one with Her.

I love you.

Have a happy holiday.

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17 thoughts on “The Eyes Of God—A Practice

  1. I really like this post and I shared it on Facebook I’ll look forward to reading your book I have subscribed to your emails for sometime however due to my own life I have not had much time to read the mall it is always nice to connect with somebody who’s awake it’s what keeps us all going so bless you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and wonderful new year and also a life that continues to be as giving and helpful as the one that you have started

  2. Hi Wayne,
    maybe 3 months ago, I experienced my ego happening in the background or at the periphery of my perception (it somehow fits your post so that´s why I write here). The experience faded back to normal and the ego became what I experience/-d reality through. Could you please comment on what it means?


    • “my ego happening in the background”

      That’s a huge step. Once the eggshell starts to crack, it’s inevitable. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Practice practice practice (and patience). 🙂

  3. Thank you Wayne, I experience nature in this way simply because I love it. I didn’t know that I was offering love to the divine. I thought that SHE was above my simple reflections.

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