The Fog

A Problem of Focus

A Problem of Focus


December 19, 2015 9:55 AM

As I was leaving camp yesterday, I glanced over to see a few cows gathered around a mysterious wooden device some rancher had left for them. Rather than try to discern the purpose of the wooden box, I noticed that I felt a great love for both the cows and the unknown rancher who had placed it there.

I was surprised at this reaction, at this sudden feeling of Love, and I knew I was getting better.

I have been suffering through an intense cold for the better part of a week and—because my mind had been focused on my condition—my world had become a fog.

What we focus on, we become.

She had been silent; the Insights had vanished; all creativity had fled; and the writing had ceased as my mind focused on the mundane: the runny nose, the grogginess, the wet and cold weather, and the rapidly dwindling propane which keeps me warm.

But the Ascetic surrenders, so I read, and I rested, and I made a run into town for more meds, though surprisingly, the propane eluded me.

Then yesterday morning, as the propane ran out just as the water came to a boil for my second cup of coffee, I broke camp, and left, and I saw the cows in the field and I felt the Love flow through me and I knew that all was right in the World once again.

The fog had lifted and the cold had abated and my focus had shifted back to the Beautiful and the Good and the True—all on its own—and all was right with me.

What we focus on, we become.

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