The Garden of Eden

What Was Always There

What Was Always There


July 30, 2015 2:14 PM

Naked, I stood on a large boulder feeling joyously and intensely alive as the sun warmed and dried my shivering body. As all self-boundaries fell away, a deep and profound sense of connection to my surroundings engulfed me—an almost sensual merging with the forest and the boulders and the crystal clear creek and the sky and the sun. I felt one with the All as I stood on a boulder in a creek as the water rolled gently down my skin.

In the Genesis story of the Garden of Eden, it seems to me that the forbidden fruit was not that of the knowledge of Good and Evil, but that which is the source of all Good and Evil. I believe the fruit represented Self-Awareness. Adam and Eve’s first reaction was not to rue their transgression (“evilness”), but to hide their nakedness (self-awareness).

As I stood on that rock, as my self-boundaries fell away, I felt such a deep and primal connection to Nature as to be almost painful. An intimate connection that many animals must naturally feel, a connection only made possible without the self-awareness that has become such an intrinsic part of Man’s nature.

We can’t go backwards though. We can’t re-enter the Garden by the path we left it. We can’t forget our self-awareness.

But there is another way.

We can transcend our selves.

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14 thoughts on “The Garden of Eden

  1. I think of this often…
    Father was in the Garden, all was perfect, restfull

    and then the ego popped up and said, “hey, try
    anything you want, be like god”

    the chick said, “YEAH!” she decided what was
    good for just her

    Once she was about to be expelled, not of
    Father’s vibration anymore, he dude said,

    “I’m sticking with that hot chick, no matter what”

    so thry went down the path, making their own decisions
    and mistakes
    away from Father

    just like us!!!!
    The next chapter is even better!!!

    Thanks Brother
    big love

  2. A lovely post Wayne! Very poetic and profound what you said at the end……

    “We can’t go backwards though. We can’t re-enter the Garden by the path we left it. We can’t forget our self-awareness.
    But there is another way.
    We can transcend our selves.”

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. I bought another one of the ebooks on Amazon and I am enjoying and relating so much to your writings. I would like to set up a skype if possible. What is possible for you?

  4. Thank you Wayne for your perspective on the story of Adam & Eve and The Garden. For some years now, that story has intrigued me. It just occurred to me why. All around us there are clues to our existence. Through awareness of these clues, we become more aware of ourselves as the unit while also becoming aware of the whole or The One and All That Is.

      • I like to see our spiritual path as a circle.
        At some point in the circle we leave
        Beingness and follow the creative path
        of our thoughts/choices and then we come around
        to doing only god’s will and then we
        re-enter Beingness…
        and the wheel goes round and round

        perhaps love is the grease

  5. Wayne,
    What a terrific surprise to meet you in Salida! It was a truly magical moment for Paul and I. We talked about it on the way home and are so grateful that we were able to share a bit of time with you. I am sure you were there for a purpose- to guide us along a bit more on the path, and that our meeting was not happenstance. I will be reading your blog and books soon, and can’t wait to get started. Keep doing what you do- It is a very important work- what we are here on this earth for. What a place it would be if everyone sought after “her” as earnestly as you do.


    • It was great meeting you and Paul (and Kat). Lots of synchronistic events conspired to bring us all together. Fascinating really (I wasn’t intending to hit Salida until after the weekend). Safe travels.

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