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A Short Commute to Work

A Short Commute to Work


November 30, 2015 3:15 PM

After spending a few days hanging around the edges of Phoenix, I felt the urge to move on—the outskirts of most cities these days tend to look just like the outskirts of every other city.

I headed east and south with my eye on Patagonia, an artsy town I’m told, which gets bonus points for having public land (free camping options) nearby. But I’m in no hurry. I’ve just set up camp this afternoon on some state trust land (having picked up a permit from the land office while in Phoenix). It seems pleasant enough, so I may stay a day or two or four.

A few weeks ago, I splurged (in the sense that storage space is more valuable than money is to a van dweller) on a small, folding table. Normally I don’t like to “set up” a camp, but the table and chair and ground mat make for a nice outdoor office. With the low winter sun, the van creates a nice shadow over my office, making it easier to see the computer screen.

The book’s coming along well. My plan is to write the chapters on the Soul and Mystic levels, then send those off with a book proposal to a publisher I have my eye on (Sounds True), and maybe a few book agents. Then I’ll continue to write the rest of the manuscript while I await a response. As a fall back, if no one picks it up, I’ll just self-publish.

The Soul—the chapter I’m working on now—is a fascinating level, and as I compile the evidence for how we are really souls inhabiting these fragile and flawed human bodies, I often find myself feeling a little melancholy that more people don’t realize their eternal nature. What a difference living as a Soul makes in one’s life.

But that’s what the book is for I guess—at least a part of it is.

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