The Hunters

The Stream Before The Slaughter

The Stream Before The Slaughter


October 10, 2015 12:48 PM

“I don’t think that’s legal,” he said, referring to the rope and sign I’d strung up across the entrance to my camp: “Campsite Occupied. (Dead End)”.

I didn’t have a leg to stand on, so I told the truth.

“I just got tired off all the trucks driving in here, seeing my rig, and turning around and heading out.”

Neither hunter liked that answer much and gave off the vibe that this was their forest as much as it was mine and wandered down along the stream to kill some ducks.

While they were gone, I thought about “their forest as much as mine” and realized they weren’t doing anything wrong—indeed, that I was (the Ascetic surrenders to circumstances/Her will)—so I walked over and took down the rope and sign. And in doing so, I knew I’d be leaving in the morning.

I have mixed feelings on hunters.

Like the fisherman, I love that they are doing what they love.

What I don’t like though, is that they love to hurt living things.

I love the Life Force that moves as Love through them. I just don’t like how their minds bend that Love to such a dark activity.

I broke camp this morning when—at 5:30am—three truckloads of hunters parked next to my rig to gleefully massacre every duck they could find.

I’m happy they are happy. I’m just not happy with what they are happy about.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings.

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13 thoughts on “The Hunters

    • No, I eat meat and am not adverse to leather. I know in some circles that makes me seem like a hypocrite, but as everyone knows by now, I’m a rational Mystic. While I would die of starvation before I killed an animal for food (not sure most vegans would be willing to do that), I willingly eat what is already dead, in fact, it’s almost “sinful” not to (to allow the animal to have died in vain).

      The realistic side of me knows a sad truth: If I had never eaten meat in my entire life (let alone quit right now), it would not have saved a single animal’s life. My dietary habits are just too insignificant to show up on Big Butcher Business’ monthly reports. They simply wouldn’t change their production schedule.

      As with so many things with the expansion of consciousness, nothing is black and white. As I said, I’d die before I’d kill an animal for food, and yet I’d eat a dead human just as readily as I’d eat a dead cow if I was hungry enough.

      I don’t normally talk about this publicly, because then it would be counter-productive. If everyone thought like me, Big Butcher’s would kill more animals to meet all the demand of the ex-vegetarians! Thankfully, most people don’t see this matter the way I do. 🙂

      • Thanks for your honesty, diet is a personal choice and I don’t begrudge anyone for eating the way they do. As for me, food choices are practically inconsequential for spiritual evolution, but very important for ecological and sustainability reasons. I find most destructive actions by humans are shortsighted, profit-greed driven, unconscious manifestation of earthly desires. While we all have desires… to be happy… it is more important to balance that goal with the happiness of all sentient beings and the well being of our planet earth. True happiness is therefore beyond self and more in alignment with her… as you have correctly pointed out many times.
        With that being said, I am consciously vegan nearly all the time. But when i visit my grandparents for the holidays, i will consciously eat their meals b/c i want to spiritually, lovingly connect with them. You are so right, in a relative of world of duality, becoming non-dual is not so black and white.
        We can try dropping the notion of “non duality” and just DROP into TaoGodHer. <3

  1. I posted your blog on my Facebook page. But why a traditional publisher instead of Amazon CreateSpace as before? I have done it myself both ways and the problem with traditional publishers is lower revenue and you give up the copyright.

    • Two reasons Rob and both of them revolve around the simple fact that traditional publishers have access to large media sources that can dramatically raise the awareness of the author’s work.

      Reason 1: I think spiritual seekers of all stripes and levels of development could benefit from a transparent, first-person account of the experience of Cosmic Consciousness (the duplex personality/communion with the Divine) and the implications of that.

      Reason 2: I’m running out of money and it is more likely to support me if I’m successful finding a traditional publisher.

      When self-publishing, you need people to share your work and maybe just one of them will get your work in front of an influential reviewer, and maybe that reviewer will take the time to read it (over all the other self-published authors submitting their work to her) and maybe the reviewer will like it enough to write it up and maybe some large media outlet will publish the review and maybe that will help get your message out there. Lots more “maybes” but obviously it is do-able as a number of self-published authors have found out.

      I’ll self-publish if the one or two traditional publishers I have in mind reject it, but I’ve self-published all my other works and only make about $50-100 a month (total for all my published works), so I expect I’ll run out of money before I’m able to write any more books.

    • Oops. I just saw that you wrote, “I have done it myself both ways.”

      Maybe you could expand on your income/visibility results and comparisons?

      (Feel free to share links to your works if you’d like.)

  2. The last thing Ramana said before he died was “Has the peacock been fed”. Yes Wayne you do have an impact. 1 USA Vegan means 30 less animal slaughters a year. Time for you to really go deep brother. I did. Best thing ever happened to me. Just a small step to the next level. Google Gary Yourofsky on Youtube. I am telling you brother it is the next step for you. CHeck out Evolved ACIM Vegans on FB as well.

    • I’m not trying to convince anyone to change their ways, I’m just a rational guy who expects evidence, not conjecture or theories or beliefs. Just show me the data or an email from an executive of one Big Butcher who killed one less animal (let alone 30) because one person stopped eating meat. That’s evidence. Too often people confuse thoughts with reality. The simple fact is, those 30 animals would have still been killed, it’s just they would have been sold off as dog food, etc., or worse, written off as wastage. Big business just isn’t concerned with tiny fractions of a fraction of a percentage—it’s just not financially feasible (I worked in corporate america most of my life, and a lot of that was with (or more accurately against) VP’s of finance).

      Like I said, I’m hesitant to even talk about this issue—and I certainly don’t want to convince anyone to take up eating meat—I just don’t like to hear idealistic excuses (sort of like hunters saying, “I’m saving deer from starvation!” when in fact they are just justifying the fact that they like killing living things). If you don’t like the flavor or idea of eating dead animals, then don’t eat dead animals. But the treatment by the butchery trade of animals and their basic business model is a whole different issue than vegan/vegetarianism.

  3. Regarding traditional or self-publishing, my experience is with technical books.
    For example, this link is for a book on mechanical ventilation (what the lay public calls “respirators”)

    I wrote it entirely in Word and a drawing program (cover and illustrations), printed in bulk by an online company, and sold through (this was before CreateSpace was available). It only sold about 100 copies per year, but then the market for such a book is but a tiny fraction of the spiritual/self help market. the problem with this approach was that I had to store the inventory. Now CreateSpace prints on demand, so that is not a concern.

    On the other hand, at about the same time I wrote this book on research

    Same process, but I never sold a single copy in 10 years. Then I republished it through Jones & Bartlet (traditional publisher) and it has done very well ever since, simply due to their extensive marketing resources and contacts in the health care industry. They marketed to groups I would not have contact with, eg nurses and other health related professions.

    In short, I agree with your assessment of the situation for your next books. It is better to have 10% of something than 100% of nothing. Sadly, in the end, it is more about the marketing than the content (you may recall the “pet rock” fad of the 1960s). In the era of social media, marketing has a whole new dimension, as you are obviously aware. Even if you go with traditional, you can supplement on your own. I for one would love to see more of your YouTube videos.

    Take a look at what Noah Elrief does. He is not only good spiritual teacher, he seems to have mastered the art of connecting social media venues (website, blog, newsletter, YouTube, and ebooks) and seems to be making a ton of cash.

    Best of luck

  4. Another thought is to do audio books. Adyashanti, Tolle and only a few others have used the venue (audible. Com) so your work would have much less competition than in print.

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