The Importance of the Soul

The Light Behind The Trees

The Light Behind The Trees


October 21, 2015 3:29 PM

Most spiritual seekers completely skip the Soul level. Those on the Path of the Sage (Mind, I AM) often see it as just another illusionary layer to be discarded (So why bother picking it up?). Those on the Path of the Mystic (Heart, I LOVE), often think they have a soul, but rarely do they identify with it (think of themselves as a Soul).

Both types of spiritual seekers—in “skipping” the Soul level—are making a terrible mistake. Not only will ignoring the Soul stunt the spiritual growth for both the Sage and the Mystic, but for the Mystic it will make it much more difficult to “hear” TaoGodHer’s whispers.

First though, how exactly do we strengthen our Soul identity?

It’s really rather simple:

  1. Research the evidence of the Soul. I’ve made this easy for you: just read a few of these books. The evidence in these books will convince you that the Soul is not only real, but that you are a Soul (for the Sage, think of it as “you” drive around the same soul vehicle, life after life, for all of eternity).
  2. Practice living as a Soul. As you go about your day-to-day life, look at things from you-as-a-Soul’s perspective. When you live forever, practically nothing is worth getting worked up over. You learn to relax. Fear loses its grip on you. You become much more happy and carefree simply because the world is no longer filled with problems.

Now the benefits of #2 are really just bonus benefits—icing on the cake. Where the true spiritual benefits come in to play are when you think of the Soul as a threshold between worlds.

For those on the Path of the Sage (the Mind, I AM), to live as a Soul acts as a threshold between the Mind and the material world (Tao manifest)… it joins the sage’s inner world with his outer world. Think of it as taking the sage’s spirituality from philosophical (theory) to physical (applied). Also, because the sage living as a Soul no longer takes the slings and arrows of daily life so seriously, he doesn’t spend a lot of time and energy trying to fix himself. Instead he can take his newly freed up spiritual energy and apply it to transcending his (egoic) self.

Additionally, because he has learned to “see through” Fear, he is able to dig out and resolve Shadow issues much more effectively. Shadow issues are memories that your subconscious represses out of fear—fear that you can’t handle them. These Shadow issues constantly affect you in negative ways. All those stories you hear about spiritual leaders abusing their followers can be directly linked to unconscious urges (Shadow issues) overriding their better, more spiritual, judgement.

For those on the Path of the Mystic (the Heart, I LOVE), not only do you get all the wonderful benefits as the Sage receives above, but—because the Soul also acts as a threshold between the manifest world (you) and the unmanifest world (God)—synchronistic events start to increase dramatically for you at this level.

In and of themselves, synchronistic events (really good luck) shouldn’t be considered a benefit (don’t get attached to them, that will just hold you back). But if you look at your reoccurring, odds-defying luck as evidence of the Divine, then your Faith (and the Path of the Mystic is all about Faith) can’t help but be strengthened.

The more Faith you have in Her, means that there is less of the (egoic) you (me-me-me, trying-trying-trying). And the less there is of you, the more awake the Divine becomes in your life.

Which leads to a wonderful, positive feedback loop: The more awake the Divine is in you (the goal of the Mystic is to embody God), the easier it is to “hear” Her whispers, which wakes Her up even more, which makes it even easier to hear Her, which….

It’s tempting to skip the Soul level, but it’s not very smart. The rewards of a strong Soul identity are profound and long reaching.

Research and practice living as a Soul. You won’t regret it.

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