The Intimate and the Vast

Tracks through the Desert

Tracks through the Desert


November 8, 2015 3:42 PM

I awake in the desert—as I have every morning for the last two weeks—bathe, brush my teeth and head into town to write.

At first I was camped outside of Lone Pine, but, as the mountains started to become cloaked in snow, I soon fled south to lower, warmer elevations.

I’m drawn the desert—to its vastness—yet at the same time, I’m drawn to people—to their humanity.

The heart opening of this level—of TaoGod(I)—is so vast, yet at the same time, so intimate.

I have often thought that there were only three life changing levels of my spiritual development: The Soul, the Witness, and the Mystic.

Now I know there is a fourth.

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