The Love of Millions

The Desert Sky

The Desert Sky


November 26, 2015 9:09 AM

I awoke this Thanksgiving morning all alone in the Arizona desert, far from family and friends, and yet I didn’t feel an ounce of depression or loneliness.

Indeed, to my surprise, I awoke this morning consumed with, filled with, and overflowing with, the purest form of Love imaginable.

I felt the love millions of Americans are feeling at this moment, at the reason they fly and drive hundreds of miles to gather together with friends and families. I felt the love that goes into preparing the dishes to be served today. I felt the love that moves between and circulates within a single family multiplied millions of times over.

I awoke this morning feeling the Love of the Collective Consciousness as millions of Americans shared the same emotion, and unlike my previous experiences of Collective Consciousness (here and here and here), there was no duality to it, no Pain offsetting the Beauty… only Love.

I look out upon the desert—at the cacti and the hills and the gopher holes and the clouds—and all I see is Her. Using the analogy from yesterday’s post, She has collapsed Herself into all these things—She has manifest Herself as all we can see and experience.

All the evidence states that consciousness is required to collapse the wave function of the mysterious and unseen quantum potential into matter, so I ask you this Thanksgiving day, “Whose consciousness collapsed the matter which makes up all the stars and the galaxies and the planets of the Universe? Whose consciousness initiated the collapse and manifestation of the Big Bang?”

Right now, as you read this, Her arm is around your waist and Her head is on your shoulder as She feels the world through your heart, as She sees the world through your eyes.

Have a happy and joyful Thanksgiving. I love you.

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