The Messiah

The Darkness and the Light

The Darkness and the Light


November 13, 2015 11:26 AM

His name was Home Free and He told me He was the Messiah and He thought I was a fool because I said that I saw everyone as Divine.

He said God speaks through Him and I exclaimed, “Me too!” with a huge smile, hoping He’d see me as a spiritual brother and He shouted, “No! You have so much to learn!”

He kept telling me I needed to learn this and I needed to learn that and He was here to teach me these truths—to teach everyone these truths—and He was reborn back here on earth to do just that.

And I listened to His teachings and I tried to explain that we were saying the same thing—that God is in everything—and He got angry at me and said, “No! Your not listening to Me. I am the Messiah! I was born this way. I know the truth!”

And He was serious.

I tried to explain that everyone is the Divine incarnate and that pissed Him off even more because He knew He was special and anointed and the One and He wouldn’t talk to me anymore even though He had talked TO me for almost an hour.

The reason many people take their beliefs so seriously—take them so personally—is because they identify with their beliefs. They identify with their thoughts. To disagree with one’s beliefs is practically the same thing as attacking them and they feel this disagreement in almost a physical form.

When I come across a fanatical believer—whether a Messiah in a VW van, an atheist at a coffee shop, or a fundamental nondualist online—I try to step back. I try to remember that they take any disagreement with their beliefs personally.

I try to remember this, but sometimes I get drawn in. It’s not their fault. They are experiencing this as a personal attack on their very being—on their core identity. I don’t want to hurt them. The Truth isn’t worth it.

So I smiled and I waved goodbye and I said, “It was nice talking with you Home Free,” and He glared at me and turned his back as I drove away because I had failed Him.

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