The Path of the Heart

Two Ways Up

Two Ways Up


December 14, 2015 12:16 PM

The sky darkened and the clouds threatened showers and snow and tire miring mud, so I fled the vast grassland outside the little artsy town of Patagonia. Downward in elevation and southward in direction I moved to Nogales for the warmth of its coffeeshops and the safety of its firm modern pavement. To the van dweller, anywhere can be called home.

Some may have been disheartened by yesterday’s post, “Must I risk my relationships in this pursuit of enlightenment?”

No, not at all. Yesterday’s post had grown too long for the attention span of most internet users, so I cut it short. The Map is just the route that I stumbled blindly through, but there is another path—probably a more efficient path at that: The Path of the Heart.

On the Path of the Heart, you travel through the same levels, but just in a different order. The first four are the same:

  • The Mortal
  • The Ego
  • The Shadow
  • The Soul

But here you divert, opening your Heart before your Mind:

There are two big advantages to the Path of the Heart:

  1. You save the hardest level (the Witness) until you absolutely need it.
  2. Your heart opens much sooner. Enlightenment (the Witness) isn’t required for you and your loved ones to reap the benefits of capital-L Love awakening in and moving through you.

The Mind—the Ego—wants enlightenment because it sees it as the best, the highest, the ultimate… but the Heart (ahh the Heart), all the Heart wants is to love.

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5 thoughts on “The Path of the Heart

  1. Thank you Wayne…I really liked your post yesterday about relationships after Enlightenment…the thing is you really can not predict which way they are going to go but in my experience the real ones stayed and even stronger since the Love outpouring from this side is unconditional and more intense.It happened with some of my family members BUT with friends and social friends it did go the other way…I figures they were egoic friendships anyways…not much lost.
    I want to wish you a warm and peaceful camping in these holiday season…I am doing my van adventure as well in Borrego Springs and loving the desert, nature, the rabbits and cactus and all of it!!!! May the Holidays and always be so glorious for you as a reflection of your Awaken state of Mind my friend….

  2. If the Witness notes an equally-valued Oneness and the Heart notes an all-encompassing Lovingness, how is there an experience of “good” luck, which implies any other kind?

    Is this related to which part of the enlightenment spectrum is being focused on, to the human dream/reality being experienced, to the noticing of love (“goodness”) that had been overlooked before, to alignment with what is … ?

    It isn’t my heart that wants to know, it’s my mind. I’m not sure why I’m asking.

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