The Perfect Teacher

Flawed Perfectly

Flawed Perfectly


July 25, 2015 10:58 AM

I spent the morning in a coffee shop, tagging blog posts to be included in the re-tentatively titled book The Awakening of a Mystic: Enlightenment was only the beginning…. I know, I know, I’ve started and stopped this book (and others) a number of times, but since I’m going through an O/S reboot, consolidating the past in book form seems like a safe bet.

In going through the posts, I kept coming back to how often I was “confessing my sins”—how imperfect I come across when compared to most spiritual teachers. Then I saw my comment on this recent post which is so indicative of the nature of much of the spiritual transparency problemThe idea that spiritual teachers should be perfect.

The idea that spiritual teachers should be perfect is probably the primary reason that so few spiritual teachers blog about their personal lives. If their students ever learned they weren’t perfect—weren’t always abiding in a state of pure bliss—I’m sure most their students would drop them in a heartbeat.

Isn’t that sad? Truth—the whole Truth with a capital-T—doesn’t sell very well, so many spiritual teachers edit out (by omission) the “bad” parts.

But is a permanent, blissful state even possible? From personal experience, not that I can see. Personal experience is obviously very limited, but in researching this, I’ve found zero supporting evidence of a permanently blissful state among any spiritual teacher. Of course, since there is practically zero transparency in the great Spiritual Teacher Circle (living or dead), this isn’t surprising.

All the evidence seems to support that “enlightenment as a permanently blissful state” is a manufactured belief.

So why can’t a blissful state be permanently maintained? Simply because Life is a dynamic thing. Nothing in Life is permanent. Every manifest thing—and especially emotional states—exists in a constant state of flux.

Only the Source of everything is permanent (TaoGodHer). Everything else is dynamic by its very nature.

TaoGodHer is neither living nor dead. As the source of all things, She exists beyond these two states. Everything else is dynamic. Everything else is constantly changing.

This is why Adyashanti pointed out so eloquently in his BATGAP interview, “If you want a perfect teacher, pick a dead one.”

With all my pontificating about transparency, you can understand how happy I was to hear him say this.

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10 thoughts on “The Perfect Teacher

  1. Wayne, I am a dinosaur when it comes to technology. I did not jump on the informational highway years ago, so, I got left in the dust…having said that, I would very much like to share my spiritual journey to speak.. just for the purpose of either feedback, or maybe some more understanding. I have not had a teacher or anyone to share with and yet the funny thing is I really have nothing to say unless I am asked a question..kind of strange in a’s as if nothing comes out unless I am asked. So to blog would be difficult for me as I find it hard to write anything unless I’m prompted. I sure hope this is making sense…My name is Brenda and I am the one who lives in Panama City Beach, Fl. Any suggestions?

      • Thank you Wayne… for some reason inside I feel disappointed ..I don’t know what I expected you to say or what would come of me even writing this to you.I really don’t want a lot of peoples opinions I would like yours though..I am enjoying your eBook so much I can’t put it down …so how can we do it possible for me to give you a donation and maybe we could do this by email? I know how to do that fairly well lol

  2. Wayne,
    You bring up a hot topic. The issue is not so much that spiritual teachers drop out of a perfect bliss state, but rather that they fall into negative emotional states that lead to very bad behavior, including financial, emotional, and sexual abuse (eg, giving your students AIDS). You can find a quick summary by Dr. Jim Manganiello here

    A whole book questioning “spiritual authority” (The Guru Papers) is available here by Esalen Yoga Teacher Joel Kramer

    But those sources are beside the point: You yourself have mentioned that emotions were much more intense for you after your enlightenment. I believe you posted that sexual lust in particular was fierce. Yet I think you also posted that you have not dated anyone since enlightenment.

    This suggests that you have a very effective coping mechanism.
    Would you care to elaborate on that?

    • I could write an article or two on the reasons for abuse by spiritual teachers, but basically it boils down (in my opinion) to a lack of integration. In my BATGAP interview ( ), right from the get-go, Rick and I discuss integrating the initial awakening (where you detach from thoughts and don’t take them personally or seriously anymore (Big-me separates from little-me)) with the heart awakening (where you integrate Big-me and little-me). Prior to the integration, it is very easy to explain away inappropriate behavior with, “That’s just conditioning,” or “That’s just my body,” …

      Combine the “that’s not me” excuses with the oh-so-tempting Messiah complex (you’ve got God’s ear after all) and the “now I know the secrets of the Universe” and suddenly abuse can be easily explained away as “righteous.”

      As I said in the BATGAP video, I was very lucky in that I was blogging about my life in a very personal manner before and during the awakening, so I couldn’t very well stop. The constant, online confessional—in a very real way—kept me extremely honest and transparent. “Living” in such a public forum, I couldn’t hide my confusion and doubts the way practically all other enlightened individuals have in the past—and I certainly couldn’t hide any abuses (I don’t think I ever abused anyone, but who knows, maybe unintentionally).

  3. Quite frankly I think the whole line of questioning is a waste of time. Why focus on the unreal? Mind. Put your attention/focus on what’s real and unchanging. Seeing the “world” from the Real reality is the point/task/goal. The illusions are endless. Why not focus on murderers or evil or any other thing that “shouldn’t be”. The Real reality includes everything and everything is as it is. Call that Bliss. It is.

    • Well, it depends on which side of the Gate you’re on. Prior to passing through the Gateless Gate, it’s very important that we have an understanding of a teacher’s humanity. After passing through the Gate? I agree with you. Not important in the least (since you’ll already know your humanity (“flaws” and all) are a perfect reflection of Truth).

      We always do this Dave, talk from two different sides of the fence! 🙂

  4. What about the joy permeated mother of India and Sri Ramakrishna?
    I don’t mean to say you’re wrong I’m just curious what you’d say about these two infamously “perma-blissed” Hindu yogis…?

    Also, I have personal question regarding my own spiritual roadblock I’d like to discuss via email if you are willing to give your opinion? If so, how should I contact you? I’m kind of getting desperate for some answers as yet no one seems to be able to give me one…

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