The Sweet Spot

Up The Creek

Up The Creek


July 18, 2015 10:28 AM

I broke camp early Thursday morning with the intention of nailing down a camp in the Silverton area, but—while exploring—found what I thought was a sweet, isolated spot along Lime Creek Road just north of the ski area I had been staying at.

Little did I know.

My intention wasn’t to camp along this road, just to explore it, but when I found this spot, I figured, “What the hell? I’ll camp here through the weekend.” This is a serious advantage to living in a van (or a truck camper). If you find a place you like, you just make camp—there’s no need to backtrack back to your camper, attach it and return (not that a trailer, fifth wheel or RV could make it up this miserably bumpy road).

But a serious disadvantage to living in a van is that a van doesn’t look like a camper… because within two hours, my empty and isolated camp was infested, infested I tell you, with cars and ATV’s who didn’t realize I was camping there.

Turns out, about a mile up the road was a popular hiking trail (Potato Lake trail) and even though it was a Thursday—even though the road is brutally rough and no one in their right mind would drive it—people in Colorado are not only a hardy type, but they apparently love to hike. While driving up this really rough road, they spied an odd white van sitting by itself with ample room to park around it and so naturally assumed that either this was the trailhead or that the trailhead parking further on was all filled up, soooo… they parked, walked around confused for a bit, then headed up the road to the trailhead. The next car comes along, sees two vehicles parked there, makes the same assumption and the situation snowballs out of control until my camp is, as I said, infested with cars and trucks and ATVs.

When events don’t default to Everything-Seems-To-Work-Out-Mysteriously-and-Magically-For-Wayne, I’m always left feeling a bit confused and wondering, “What is She up to? What does She have in mind?” But I am a man of Faith, so I spent the night right there (She led me there after all), then moved on Friday morning with the intention (once again) of nailing down a camp in the Silverton area. This time though (it being a Friday), the odds were seriously stacked against me as practically everyone in Colorado seems to think along the lines of, “Raise a cheap, empty tent on a spot earlier in the week to ‘reserve it’ for weekend.”

But Everything-Seems-To-Work-Out-Mysteriously-and-Magically-For-Wayne and yesterday was no exception. After breaking camp at the informal-secondary-trailhead-parking-lot and while driving up the beautiful (though treacherousUS 550 , I noticed I was getting a great Signal (Verizon 4G) near this dirt road that led off into the woods. As it turned out, this road was the opposite end of the same Lime Creek road, so I follow it down this brutally bumpy dirt road and, as expected, all the dispersed sites toward the beginning of the road were taken (empty-tent reserved). Undeterred, I soldiered on and low and behold just over a little one-lane bridge, a perfect campsite appeared—right on a creek (and nary a trailhead in sight). Against all odds, it was somehow and mysteriously vacant.

A seriously perfect spot. Room only for one vehicle, a beautiful creek ten feet away, privacy, clean air, and a great Signal. And against all odds (all the other dispersed sites I’d come across were filled), no one had claimed this oh-so-sweet spot.

She works in mysterious ways, and I am a very lucky man.

I’ve said it a thousand times before: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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9 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

  1. I have written to you before…I live in Panama City Beach, Fl and I thought I would take a moment to say that I so enjoy your emails. I guess I live vicariously {did I spell that right?} lol….not that you have to have beautiful scenery to be present or at peace..however, it sure is wonderful. Namaste

  2. It’s weird how she works.
    I forgot to tell you a little while back a little side story this reminded me of. My ex lent me a key to his apartment while he was out of town, so I can go there when the house I live is in being shown. He asked me to take out the trash. Monday morning I’m like Ohhh should I really stop by? Flipped the coin, it says yes, I stop by. Don’t see the trash on his porch. Am confused as to why she told me to stop. Later I mention to him that the trash wasn’t there and he says that it was inside the apartment. (woops) So she was one step ahead of me, just as she was here. 😛

    • I should explain to the readers: Michelle uses a coin I gave her to help with making decisions. At her level of development it is very difficult to know the difference between egoic desires and divinely inspired desires, particularly about mundane stuff.

      The “coin” (TaoGodHer) said, “Go empty the trash,” yet when Michelle got there, she didn’t see any trash to be emptied. Nonetheless, there was trash (it was just not where she expected it to be). Michelle’s confusion was similar to mine above about my first campsite.

  3. Your photos are incredible, your lifestyle admirable, and your spiritual journey an inspiration! Thank You, Wayne Wirs!
    I’m so glad to have you back in my inbox.

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