The Trials as Reminders

Procrastinating around Camp.

Procrastinating around Camp.


September 23, 2015 2:05 PM

I tore off small chunks of bread from the last two pieces of the loaf and tossed them about, consciously covering as much area as possible so the various ant colonies have a better chance of finding them. It’s not something I think about anymore—I don’t think about not swatting flies, or not stepping on bugs, or not killing innocent insects just because they are an annoyance—it has just become natural not to harm them. I love them.

(I’ll still kill the occasional attacking insect if they don’t take a hint—I’m not perfect (dammit)—but I do apologize to them and wish them well on their next life.)

The other day, after picking up some screws and washers from Baker City, I headed out into the woods with the determination not to leave this spot until I’ve re-mounted the shelf and finished going through my blogs for the new book material.

Yesterday I mounted the shelf, and today I finished gathering the blog material.

What I came across today (as I was going through A Mystic’s Journal) was something I had forgotten as a result of the Reboot, and is probably the reason for the recent Trials (the shelf plus these incidents and the iPad episode): To remember that TaoGodHer is looking out these eyes.

The Trials act as sort of a Divine Reminder. Act from your old perspective and suffer, or act from your new perspective and reap the rewards.

So with these reminders (and I was reminded again by going through my recent blog posts), my current practice is simply this:

To live wholeheartedly as I, the Eternal: To embody TaoGodHer as an individual.

How? Here’s a link to the technique I wrote about previously (which works with any identity level you may wish to strengthen).

I have such a terrible memory, it’s sooo easy to forget spiritual insights. Thank God I keep this blog. Thank God for the Trials.

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4 thoughts on “The Trials as Reminders

  1. Wayne, my son and I live in Vancouver, Washington. We’ve been inviting people in for “Spirit and Soul Discussions” every other Sunday for several years. Our next meetings will be on October 4 and October 18 at 4 pm until 7ish. I don’t imagine you have any idea exactly when you will make it this far; there’s lots to see in Washington and Oregon!

    What I am thinking is this little group of about a dozen people, more or less, depending on their mood on the day in question, would enjoy hearing about your adventures and your ideas. You could park your vehicle(s) in the lot and stay over a day or two if you wanted. I’d be happy to suggest a small donation (usually I just leave a gift basket out) to help with your travel expenses.

    If this appeals, send me a note…blessings, jo

  2. I live in Florida so we have large cockroaches and one was crawling across the ceiling so instead of doing what I always did…I took a broom and brushed him out the front door… LOL at your circumstance… I don’t know if I could let a spider live though..I shiver at the sight of them…

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