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December 6, 2015 2:59 PM

Alain had written that he had had a few, brief “no mind” experiences and was wondering if I had a more effective technique than the vipassana method (meditating while focusing on the breath).

I’ve never liked the hit-or-miss nature of meditation, so I prefer and recommend a more active, hands-on approach. My response is also the technique I use to find subjects to take photos of.

Hi Alain,

Here is my suggestion:

Imagine you are a videographer (the guy doing the filming) of a documentary about “Everyday Beauty.” Your job is to capture everyday beauty wherever you are. But instead of using a video camera, just use your eyes. Focus in on an object and “capture” the beauty with your eyes. Look at everything from different angles, paying attention to the light and shadows and shapes. Your job is NOT to define or explain these objects—not to narrate the film—but just to capture their beauty.

When your mind kicks in and starts to narrate or explain or classify, visualize reaching your hand inside your head, grabbing these thoughts, and pulling them right out of your mind. Then drop them to the ground and get back to “filming.”

Two things will be accomplished:

  1. “You” will disappear as your thoughts vanish or are discarded
  2. You will “become” the moment, the eternal Now.

Hope this helps.

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6 thoughts on “The Videographer Technique

  1. When I don’t know who I am I serve You.
    When I know who I am …I AM YOU.
    When I identify with the body..I am Your servant.
    When i identify with the Atman ..You are the Whole and I am the part.
    When I identify with the Truth ..We are One.

  2. Thank you, Wayne! Very intriguing approach as an alternative to traditional meditation, which I must admit I don’t do very well at 🙂 I plan to try yours out tonight.


  3. Thank you Wayne, a very good technique…another one I use (from ACIM) when the “me” really does not see any beauty in that particular dark moment, is to say: “This thought I do not want, this other thought I want instead”…it brings the power back to the mind to choose and a catalyst to move the direction of the thinking in that moment…sometimes more than once is necessary but it works!! After all what I see is a result of ehat I am thinking and the whole spiritual practice to me is to train the mind via the observer of it AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT EXCEPTION..and that my friends is the work…I really resonate with the definition of mind: mind is the activating agent of Spirit…that is the Right Mind, or in service to the ego, illusory wrong mind…our choice at every moment..
    Thanks for your dedication and devotion to us all…sharing your journey.

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