Truths Once Forgotten

Seen but soon forgotten

Seen but soon forgotten


September 16, 2015 4:10 PM

After spending a few days in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho (what a beautiful area!), I rolled down through the foothills and on into the state capital for a little city time. Life is wonderful when home is where the van is.

In filling out the outline for the book, I’m (finally) on the last leg of the discovery phase: going through my entries in A Mystic’s Journal. What’s been cool about this exercise is that I will often come across insights—unbeknownst to me at the time—that were the initial glimmers of key phases of my later development.

Glimmers of Truth that, more often than not, would soon be forgotten.

For example, on December 10th of last year, I wrote,

I am the Eternal (Soul) Loving (Radiance) Awareness (Emptiness).

While I’m not crazy about all the must‘s in the post, that insight into a whole, integrated and balanced being (Eternal Loving Awareness) was one of my first glimpses of what I would come to call I, the Eternal.

But what is scary, is that I only mentioned this wonderful insight one other time—the very next day. After that, I as this Eternal Loving Awareness was completely forgotten about until after my spiritual reboot eight months later.

How odd.

The whole discovered-then-forgotten quality of I, the Eternal Loving Awareness reminds me of my days doing Shadow work where—like a gopher popping his head out of a hole in the ground then quickly disappearing—I’d have these key, life changing insights into my “dark” nature, only to immediately forget about them if I didn’t write them down.

What’s comforting though—and going through these posts has confirmed this pattern repeatedly—is that eventually the me (whatever that is) grows weary of resisting the Truth and the Truth blooms forth all on its own.

It seems that once seen—no matter how much you (whatever that is) resist—She’s not going to let you forget Her for long.

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