What I Mean By “I, The Eternal”

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August 15, 2015 10:29 AM

There is an inner you and an outer you. This should be quite obvious once you think about it: I have all these inner experiences (thoughts, sense of self, imagination, dreams, desires, …), and I have all these outer experiences (trees, rocks, chairs, friends, lovers, …).

For years, I’ve been saying that to truly grow spiritually, we have to bring our spirituality to life. We have to live it.

With the realization of me, the Eternal (and I’ll explain this term in a moment), I see a wonderful analogy here.

When I’ve been saying that we need to bring our spirituality to life, what I’ve been meaning is that we have to poke a hole through the barrier between our “inner me” and our “outer me.”

We don’t need to dissolve the barrier between the inner and outer me’s (that’s asking a bit much), just poke a hole in the barrier and allow your inner experiences to flow outward into the world. In other words, bring your spirituality to life.

This “hole in the barrier” is the perfect analogy for what I mean by, “I, the Eternal.”

Imagine an infinitely wide and infinitely high black velvet curtain. On the one side is Darkness. On the other is God as infinitely bright Light. All three together (Dark, Light, Barrier) compose the undifferentiated Godhead.

The Light (TaoGodHer) can be compared to the inner experience of the Godhead (Consciousness) and the Darkness as the outer experience (the manifest Universe).

To create physical things in the Darkness/Void, TaoGodHer simply “pokes a hole” in the velvet curtain (the Barrier) and God-the-Light flows through and gradually contracts into an object. This is very similar to the way quantum theory works: quantum potential (TaoGodHer), quantum waves (the Barrier), and the quantum waves collapsing into physical particles (the Light contracting into an object).

In other words, the “poking the hole” is also TaoGodHer’s way of bringing Her spirituality (inner experience) to life (outer experience).

So when I’ve been saying, I, the Eternal, what I mean is an individual hole in the Barrier (I am the hole) AND the Light flowing through on the manifest side of the Barrier (I am this single shaft of God’s Light).

Note that I, the Eternal has very subtle, yet unmanifest properties which fit very well with traditional nondual models: No boundaries (the Light shines infinitely), consciousness (TaoGodHer’s), love (TaoGodHer’s), a location (the hole) and communion (the relation between the inner and the outer).

What I call, I, the Fleeting, is the contraction into all these various (temporary but required) densities of this individual shaft of Divine Light: the me-whatever-that-is AND the Witness AND the me-thoughts AND the Soul AND the physical body.

I hate to get so abstract, but this very simple model—a hole poked through a barrier—may be the key to my future message: Habituate yourself into identifing with I, the Eternal, and your identity will be pulled (gradually but automatically) through all the densities of I, the Fleeting (Mortal, Soul, Witness,…).

(This message might be premature, but as a big believer in transparency, I wanted to share what I’m thinking and experiencing.)

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  1. Fourteen billion years ago, give or take a couple of years, SHE poked her finger through the barrier and this universe was born. SHE has been dancing and singing ever since then…

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