What My Mind Can’t Grasp

The Easily Overlooked

The Easily Overlooked


July 2, 2015 12:41 PM

With the long weekend coming up—and with Colorado-ians profound love of the outdoors in mind—I made a desperately needed supply run yesterday and hurried back to re-nail down my site. All morning, trucks and campers have been cruising by, jealously eye-balling my spot. I feel a little guilty… but not enough to move.

My friend Andrea mentioned the other day that the emails she gets from these blog posts have a “Do Not Reply” address on them. I’ve been using this service (WordPress’ Jetpack) exclusively on A Mystic’s Journal and never realized the “donotreply@wordpress.com” was there. This means that anyone who has hit “Reply” to one of my posts, sent it to the dreaded bit-bucket and I never received your reply. My apologies for unintentionally ignoring you. In the future, if you do wish to reply to a post, just click the Comment button in either the email or on the website.

On a more spiritual topic, the resolution of the Mystic’s Dilemma has caused a subtle yet major shift in my felt state of being—a kind of feeling of semi-Divinity (sounds pompous, but that’s not the way it feels). Not Divine. Not Human. Not One. Not Two. But all of them mixed together in an oddly comfortable way. The trying to unify the disparate personalities is gone and with it the subtle energies involved in seeking to resolve the dilemma.

Free Will and Destiny? The same thing.

Separate and One? The same thing.

Me and TaoGodHer? The same thing.

My mind can’t grasp this lived paradox, but I feel it—feel it deeply.

It’s oddly peaceful and magical and serene.

It’s wonderful.

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4 thoughts on “What My Mind Can’t Grasp

  1. Hay, Wayne, I’m new to your postings. Early this week, I woke up with the feeling of “done”. Done what? Well, my being at the cellular level has been through a major cleaning since May 2013 and maybe it’s that. Who knows? Sometimes my interior self feels quiet and sometimes it feels empty and sad.

    Can you say more about what’s going on for you?

    • “Done” is similar to what I’m feeling, but it’s more like, “Done for now.” Nothing in Life is “done” — just look out there, even rocks are slowly eroding. But the rock is “done (for now)” until it erodes away. The tree, during winter, is “done (for now)” until spring comes. Ditto me (and I suspect you).

      More of what has been happening to me was posted on http://mysticsjournal.com and will be published in a book form soon.

  2. Forgive me for saying this……the reporter has to die….the Romeo must die…..I am thinking on these lines….what do you say?

    • If by Reporter or Romeo you are talking about identity, then yes, you must drop that identity (any identity) to get through the Gateless Gate (die is probably the wrong word and thinking it will cause inner conflict/warfare).

      BUT: A thread of consciousness (what I often call the me-thing or me-whatever-that-is) is required to experience Existence. TaoGodHer is the tapestry (the manifest/physical universe) made up of all these little, individual threads (me-things). Indeed this is the resolution of the Mystic’s Dilemma: The requirement of the me-thing ( http://mysticsjournal.com/the-need-for-the-me-thing/ ).

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