Why Enlightenment Proves God

The Light Behind it All

The Light Behind it All


December 8, 2015 2:23 PM

You won’t find many enlightened atheists—at least if you do, they won’t stay atheists for long. Here’s why, step-by-step:

If I can see or experience something, that something can’t be me. Why? Because there are two things here: Me, the experiencer (the Witness), and that which I am experiencing.

Enlightenment is when you take the above fact, and follow it to its logical conclusion:

  • I experience my body, so my body is not me.
  • I experience my memories, so my memories are not me.
  • I experience my thoughts, so my thoughts are not me.
  • I experience all self-boundaries, so my self-boundaries can’t be me. This so-called “self” must be an illusion.
  • I am aware, but that’s all I know about me.

That’s basically the Witness stage… enlightenment. You no longer believe you are your body or past or roles or any mental concept. You are just Awareness.

As the self-boundaries are seen through and collapse, so too do all boundaries as you realize that these are also just mental concepts—mental experiences.

You are awareness, and everything is One (no boundaries) Big Thing.

But (and this is a big BUT) there is something often overlooked about awareness: Awareness requires sentience, and sentience requires intelligence. Dogs are aware, rocks are not.

So here’s why enlightenment proves a Divine Intelligence:

  • Enlightenment teaches us that all boundaries are simply concepts of the mind, that everything is really One Big Thing.
  • I am aware (sentient, intelligent), but since I’m not aware of everything that is going on in this One Big Thing, then I, paradoxically, must be a component of the One Big Thing.
  • The One Big Thing must be intelligent because—by its nature—it is more complex than I am. Nothing is less complex than its individual parts. Since I am intelligent, sentient, and aware, the One Big Thing must also be intelligent, sentient and aware.

In other words, this limited awareness that flows through people, plus the realization of no true boundaries, plus the fact that a Whole is more complex than its parts, equals One Big Thing that is Sentient, Intelligent and Aware.

Or to put it another way:

Enlightenment proves God.

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  1. Guten Abend Wayne,

    thank you for this “exiting” entry. Things are becoming clearer for me by your sharp conclusions.

    Best wishes from Germany

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