A Breeze Blows Through

A Cooler Mountain Camp

A Cooler Mountain Camp


June 5, 2016 3:01 PM

I closed the laptop, drained my coffee, and left the cafe to find some lunch. Not crazy about my options, I picked up a sub, hopped in the van and soon found myself on a single lane, mountain road.

It’s been hot here in Williams, but cooler than most places. Still, it’s hotter than I like.

Normally, when I see a sign that says, “Steep and Winding Mountain Grade Next 5 Miles” I turn around. Experience has taught me there won’t be any level campsites, but I drove on anyway.

But a spot soon appeared, a wonderful spot—not so much because the elevation lowered the temperature any, but because of the clear, cool and unobstructed breeze blowing in from the valley below. It’s really pleasant here.

I figure I’ll stay in Williams another few days to allow this heat wave to pass, then—maybe Thursday or Friday—make a dash to Redinger Lake. It’s cool waters have been calling me.

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3 thoughts on “A Breeze Blows Through

  1. Dear Wayne,

    This is Rajesh. your long time reader. I am a huge fan of your photos apart from mysticism.

    What do you do to your photos especially to the leaves and trees to get the painting look.could you please share your preset.

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