A Simple Saying

Curves Reflected

Curves Reflected


February 13, 2016 3:52 PM

A follow up on the previous post

Let your mind advise, but let your heart rule.

Visualizing your mind as an advisor, yet your heart—on his throne—as the ruler.

I can’t express how much this changes things. Decisions are so much simpler… so much less conflict.

It seems I’ve been walking around backwards most my life.

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3 thoughts on “A Simple Saying

  1. Have you heard the news about the gravitional waves ? That is exactly how I feel about Love and the Divine.
    Gravition is part of reality. We can feel its effects, the mutual attraction of bodies.
    But what is the nature of gravitation ? Gravitation is not an entity, there is no gravitational ‘God’. It is felt as a ‘force’, but maybe it is just a distorsion of spacetime reality caused by the bodies themselves. Waves. Universal and yet personal.
    I am just a celestial body among zillions, but my Love waves can be felt in the whole universe. I have the power to reach all beings with the touch of Grace. And they have the same power on me.
    We are not just human bodies. We are divine bodies, bodies of Love, Beauty and Joy. And it is our greatness, with all our weaknesses and limitations, to embody the Divine. We are just stardust and yet, we bring God to Life. Together.

    Transcendence. A mystery. A miracle. A gift to be shared. Maybe the meaning of life.
    We have to “realize” our transcendent nature. Not only intellectually, in our mind, but experientially, in our real life. We are human. We are divine. Love is a personal, relational and universal force that can transform the universe. Our greatness is Her greatness.
    So, stay humble but don’t be shy. Open up to the Divine ! Feel the waves of Love, of Beauty, of Joy ! Be the best of yourself ! Express your greatness… and share it with others !

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