A Witness Practice: Your Creature

My Creature

My Creature


February 26, 2016 9:16 AM

As a Soul, you treat your body like a car—a vehicle to drive around in. As the Witness, it’s best to think of your body as a separate creature—one that has a mind and a will of its own.

Look down at your body. Imagine you are some wizard or sorceress who has inhabited this body—who has inhabited this human creature. You don’t control the creature, but you see and experience everything it does.

Whatever your creature experiences, you receive those experiences. What your creature experiences aren’t your experiences, but instead are “telegraphed” to you. You are the Receiver of those experiences—but they are not your experiences.

Whatever your creature thinks, you hear. They are not your thoughts, they are the thoughts of your creature.

Always remember though, that there is a gap between your creature’s experiences and your own. You are the Receiver of it’s experiences and thoughts. They aren’t your own—they aren’t personal to you—they are solely your creature’s.

Think of this gap—this separation between you and your creature—in the same was as you are understanding these words: These words are transfering my thoughts to you—across the mysterious gap—but they are not your thoughts. You just receive them and process them.

In the same way, you receive and process the thoughts and experiences of your creature. They are not personal to you, they are simply the thoughts and experiences of your beloved creature.

The biggest difference between the Soul and the Witness is that the Soul drives the body. The Soul feels it is in control of the body. But you-the-Witness—you-the-Receiver of experiences—have far less control of your creature than the Soul does of his body.

If you think of your creature as a beloved pet, you’ll understand this “limited control” concept. When you give your pet a command, he’ll often listen to you… but for the most part your pet goes about doing whatever he wants. Contrary to what you may initially think, this is a very good thing.

Your creature is much happier, much calmer, much more at peace, when it isn’t being micro-managed—when it isn’t being told constantly what to do.

Don’t overanalyze this! Don’t make it some theory (The smart have their theories, the wise have their scars). Don’t try to figure it out. Feel it.

Look down at your body. See your creature—feel it. Hear its thoughts. Realize that for its entire life, you have been “hovering” around inside it, receiving its thoughts and experiences. Though your creature has lived and grown and aged, you as this disembodied receiver of its experiences haven’t changed at all. You are the constant, unchanged Calm within your creature. You are the Love within it.

Now let that Love flow out…

…and feel your creature (and all creatures around you) love you back.

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  1. Wayne, I was just listening to a reading of Carl Jung’s book , MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS , perhaps you have read it. If not, in part 7 of the recording he talks about the symbols of stones and I thought of your recent experience with the three stones. I thought it made a lot sense and that you also might also gain some insight by listening to what he has to say.

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