Another Insight: Your Next Life

He Thought He Would Never Change

He Thought He Would Never Change


February 6, 2016 3:35 PM

Another Insight: Use this life to prep for your next one.

All accounts suggest that at the time of death, you will still feel like “you” even when you shuffle off this mortal coil. The evidence for this “consistency of self” comes from the almost universal surprise people feel when they suddenly realize that they have separated from their deceased body. The sense of self is so consistent and stable that the person doesn’t realize, initially, that anything has changed.

At death, you still feel like “you.”

So what are the implications of this “consistency of self?”

I view my body like it is a rental car. Not a car I own, but one I am only using for the next couple (dozens?) of years.

In a similar way, I view my Soul as a car, but one I am going to own for much, much longer. I expect to be stuck with this Soul/car for thousands and thousands of years. (I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m certain there’s still plenty of uncharted spiritual territory waiting to be explored.) Unlike my body, I can’t trade my Soul in for a new one every 80 or 90 years, so it is in my best interest to “tweak” it to better suit my desired next life.


At death, you still feel like “you.”

So my advice/Her whisper is to start thinking and doing something right now about how you want to live your next life.

For example: I would like to tweak my Soul-car to be less studious and serious… and more loving and carefree. Less Mind and more Heart. While I still desire to be born a male, I’d like him to be less Yang (driven, can-do, aggressive) and more Yin (accepting, easy-going, laid-back). More hippy-ish yoga surfer dude than ex-army rational brainiac.

Ergo, A Most Difficult (Uninhibited) Practice.

There is absolutely no hope of completely transforming this current body/brain/life into a happy-go-lucky yoga surfer dude, but then I don’t have to. All I have to do is examine and work on the harder, sharper edges (practice un-inhibition) and that should increase the odds that my next life will be lived in a less inhibited, more laid-back manner.

Why did She whisper this to me even though I’d already started A Most Difficult Practice?

Maybe She wanted me to whisper it to you.

Use this life to prep for your next one.

Consider yourself whispered. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Another Insight: Your Next Life

  1. Thank Her for the whispering, Wayne. Was just writing about this. I love the way life is playing with us sometimes (always?).

    When a body hits a wall, it crashes – and dies. When a wave hits a wall, it doesn’t collapse. It reflects – with a different direction.
    Chances are that our next life(s) will have a different direction than this one (and maybe not what we envision!). So we better take the opportunity to explore the current direction of our life… because it might be our last chance to do so.
    There is of course another possibility: to change the direction of our life right now.
    Use this life to prep for your next one… or use this life so you don’t have to wait for the next one 🙂

  2. nice post Wayne. but for me, and this has been a rough road so to speak. its not about ME. it is about how can others be helped. period. to abide in This that has no boundaries is wonderful, when we come out of the illusion that we are bounded. but there comes a time when we can only look at life from the perspective of “how can I help”. that is the best dance of all. easy peasy lemon squeezy. happy sitting. zen pig.

  3. Hi Wayne!

    Very Interesting!!
    What about leaving this earth behind and moving to other planets, dimensions or planes of existence?
    What about realizing the Diamond Body (in Taoist internal alchemy) or the rainbow Body (the same Thing but it is the Name in Dzogchen) and come back here in the future with a adult Body?
    ……sooooo much possibilities 🙂

    with love

    • Life on other planets? I got no problem with that.

      Diamond/Rainbow body? Not until I see it or some evidence that some dude can walk through solid stone. I may be a Mystic, but I’m a rational one. 🙂

  4. Great perspective. The synchronization that has been happening lately has been quite amazing. In light of “using this life to prep for the next” I have been reading the Tibetan book of the living and the dying, which suggests much the same thing. This life we should spend prepping for death and reflecting deeply on it so that we might “live well” to “die well”

  5. Hi Wayne

    “At death, you still feel like “you.” – What’s the difference between when we sleep (the body sleeps) and death. How come we are not spiritually aware when we sleep. There is no spiritual awareness the whole time we are asleep. I find that problematic when we are supposed to be aware at death. Are the body and the life force both taking a nap?

    • About once or twice a month, I’m aware of non-dreaming sleep. This is one of those rare signs of awakening. Additionally, practically every night I’m aware I am dreaming while watching the dream, so I think to answer your question, it is simply a matter of conscious development.

  6. Hi Wayne!

    I have not seen one yet, too……but i am open to it. I have talked with David Buckland about it (from and he said there are some old scriptures who seem to indicate that enlightenment of the physical body is possible. But it seems to take a relativly long time of practice and being in the enlightened state for this to happen and we do not live long enough in the current age.
    You may like this new book which is from a catholic priest who has researched the rainbow body phenomena quite a bit.

    have a great day!

  7. Hi Wayne

    I had another thought that you might expand on. When we come back, we have a serious choice of which parents to choose. If we mess up we could have 18 years of hell that would influence our later years and mess up all the pre-life preparation we did. With the trend toward more and more evil in the world, picking good parents becomes a challenge. How does one even make that choice. Maybe it’s not a choice and we are zapped wherever?

    • There are conflicting reports on how much we are aware of the details of our next lives, some report knowing everything about them (then forgetting), others report that they only know the generalities. Maybe both are true, depending on your needs/desires.

      • Hi Wayne
        Do you mean our previous lives (we are aware of the details of our next lives)?
        The whole subject of living many lives is fascinating. It would mean those who are found guilty and punished by death are actually set free and they come back again. A joke on our judicial system. It would explain how young children can suddenly play piano at master level or sing incredibly well. If one leaves the body on death then it also means one can do it at will if they so desire. One would have to learn how to “see” without the bodies mechanics but some spiritual gurus already achieved that.

  8. Where do souls come from? When the first human beings appeared millions of years ago, where were the souls residing before the human bodies were available? Did they evolve from lower animals same as the physical organism? And if everyone who ever died got ‘recycled’ wouldn’t that add up to more than the 7 billion of us currently standing? And if an asteroid struck next month killing all of us, where would our souls go? If I still felt like “me” I would be pretty freaked out floating around in the debris field of our former planet trying to figure out how to traverse the cosmos in search of some alien life form to inhabit.

    • I believe (and I stress that word), that every living thing has a soul and that we evolve to humanity, thus there were/are plenty of souls available. Also, there’s nothing that says we are limited to Earth… it’s a big Universe. 🙂

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