Barriers, Confidence, and Boundless Love

There are no Barriers between You and the Ocean

There are no Barriers between You and the Ocean


September 17, 2016 10:38 AM

Holding Myself Accountable To The Witness/Mystic.

When I catch myself taking my thoughts or emotions too seriously, I will access the Witness (no boundaries) while opening my Heart (Mystic). I will send Love to everything and everyone in my vicinity. I will be boundless Love.

No call. I want to focus on the book and I want you to become more confident in your abilities.

I met a man the other day who wanted to write an RPG (computer game), but he had a dozen excuses for why he couldn’t do it. Something was always wrong. Some barrier was always in the way.

When I was in the Army, the first thing the drill instructor taught us was when “asked” why we didn’t accomplish some task, the proper response was, “No excuse, drill sergeant!” At first this bothered the hell out of me, but soon I found myself thinking differently. When I encountered a barrier I could either go around it, go over it, go under it, or go through it. The option to say, “I couldn’t. There was a barrier in the way,” was no longer on the table. I resisted. I fought it. I tried to argue it, but all I got were pushups in return. Soon I stopped resisting. One after another, barriers were encountered, dealt with, and left behind in the dust. Confidence soared (the wise have their scars).

Re-read the purpose of this post, but in particular the last part: LOVE. Love will help you cross ANY barrier (around, over, under, through).

  • Barrier: Mind taken too seriously
  • Detaching from Barrier: Witness
  • Transcending the Barrier: Love

I’m not saying you are making excuses. You are not. I related the story of the RPG man and my Army experience as a parable. Forget my misunderstanding about your being bogged down. Forgive it. Forgive yourself the transgression of self-doubts. Detach from your concerns about pleasing me or progressing at some pre-determined rate. All mind stuff. All noise. Detach. Transcend.

Relate the good and the bad here, but also relate your insights and your understandings too. Don’t expect my response. Only you can transcend your Barriers. Only you can grow confident.

I love you. I want what is best for you. You have everything you need—everything but confidence. And confidence can’t be taught.

“I will be boundless Love.” No barrier can withstand that.

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