Breaking The Enlightenment Barrier

The Barge Approaches the Dam

The Barge Approaches the Dam


July 12, 2016 10:07 AM

I’m back on the banks of the Columbia River where I went through much of my three-week awakening. In the book, I’m working on the Witness Aspect and camping here brings back the memories of those initial days on the other side of the Gateless Gate.

Today I wrote about my original frustrations with the lack of transparency in most nondual teachers. Back then I didn’t understand how to make enlightenment play well with the real world:

Focusing exclusively on the inner experiences of the Witness is like moving to New York City and only sharing stories about the inside of your apartment. It just doesn’t make sense.

This attitude is slowly changing. Like running the four-minute mile, when nondual teachers remove the specialness of enlightenment by being more transparent about their day-to-day lives (their outer experiences), more people will naturally wake up.

With more transparency (less specialness), the four-minute barrier is broken. By making enlightenment more ordinary, it makes it that much easier to “attain” (we are all naked under our clothes, we just don’t realize it).

There’s more to New York City than just your apartment.

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