The 9 Aspects of Being (v1)

The 9 Aspects of Being (v1)


January 16, 2016 3:06 PM

What you focus on, you become. I’ve been focused on socializing at the RTR, and I’ve been focused on new glasses in Algodones, Mexico, and I’ve been focused on little tweaks to the rig and I’ve been lost in the world of Man because of it.

In other words, I’ve been spiritually slumming it. (So rude!)

But I’m back, and with the down time away from writing, some insights have percolated and coalesced:

  • My Message: The less there is of you, the more there is of Love (and Happiness, and Gratitude, and Luck, and Connection, and …).
  • My Intention: To help people become Trans-Human (the spiritual type, not the physical type).
  • My Solution: Shift your focus from the Human tier to the Trans-Human tier (diagram above).

The “Solution” won’t change the book much, just the strategy. Rather than suggesting the reader take their practice a step at a time in the order that I went through them, they should instead work on the “tiers” as a whole and the individual “aspects” as needed. For example: If they notice they are trying to control events too much, they can focus on the Ascetic aspect of being with its focus on acceptance and surrender.

On the diagram:

  • Three Tiers: Most people consider themselves human (Tier 1), while many deeply spiritual people think of themselves as “more than human” (Tier 2). The third tier is to help individuals adapt to post-enlightened life.
  • Text Explanation: The small text under each aspect stands for the two “flavors” of the aspect: Healthy and (in parenthesis) Unhealthy. Oddly enough, the unhealthy flavor is often the default flavor (and explains a lot about what is wrong in the world).
  • Heart/Mind Paths United: The aspects on the left side represent Heart-centric aspects (felt/emotional sense) while the aspects on the right represent Mind-centric aspects (knowledge and inquiry). The idea here is to work on both the Heart and Mind aspects together so as to avoid an unbalanced condition (spiritual teachers abusing students, an enlightened person who needs a caregiver, the development of a Messiah complex, an uncaring attitude, …).

Anyway, it’s a work in progress and will surely be refined as I go.

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8 thoughts on “Coalescing

  1. Much easier to grasp than the last visual, for me. More intuitive. I will probably print it out and actively use it. And I agree against going with one-step-at-a-time. That’s not how things work for me.

  2. I like it better too.
    Interesting to note that existence at the “human” level basically means being a selfish obsessive compulsive for the majority of the population. On the one hand that seems humorous. On the other, it is deadly serious. One of my closest friends committed suicide last Christmas day. Despite familiarity with all things spiritual, he could not shake his obsessive thoughts that caused him and everyone around him much suffering. Yet he insisted that death was like turning out a light and all his problems would cease. I tried to warn him that he would be greatly disappointed. But he had no ears to hear.

  3. “Like a lightening bolt flashing from the Source of Awareness, a ray of consciousness lights up the chain of elements it traverses before COALESCING in to Being-ness and resting in form. Having forgotten its origin, ‘I am’ is born.”

    I woke up yesterday morning obsessed with the concept of “coalescing”. So I opened my journal, and over, and over tried to express my obsession with words. Written above, is the last iteration before I gave up to the spacious silence. Then, I opened your blog, and smiled 🙂

  4. Do you notice the synchronicity between the most recent blog photos and the latest Aspect of Being diagram?

    Visually, the communications (creations) imply motion. They are not linear in the strictest sense. Each is like a segment of a wave form.

    Very cool 🙂

    • I just wanted to add that due to a kooky zoom value on my display, I had viewed the three most recent blog images on nearly the same page.

      The images “happened” at the same time, and it was then that I noticed that each image contained a prominent U form within. 🙂

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