Coming Out of the Closet

Stairs and Windows

Stairs and Windows


January 21, 2016 5:26 PM

At around the 29:10 mark of this BATGAP video, Francis Bennett suggests a “Coming out of the Closet” day for spiritual teachers. He was talking about spiritual teachers becoming more transparent—to show their human side.

I’ve been saying this for years, and I was glad to have stumbled across the video (unfortunately, none of the rest of the panel of teachers seemed too thrilled about “coming out of the closet.”)

Then today, as I was looking for that Facebook post that Francis mentioned in the video (I didn’t find it), I came across another video he did with Adyashanti, and in it (around the 10:40 mark) Adya is talking about how empty modern nonduality is leaving people, that “there’s got to be something more.”

“Intimacy and closeness with existence,” Adya goes on to say.

Intimacy and closeness—the Mystic Aspect, getting to know the Divine, listening to Her whispers. Wonderful to hear Adya pointing to this—he even goes on to say that there’s a “feminine” quality to this new awakening (around the 20:00 mark).

So many spiritual teachers focus exclusively on the Witness Aspect—and yet there is so much more to awakening: The Soul, the Mystic, the Ascetic, the Divine living through us (TaoGod(I)), ….

It’s great to see the big players in the spiritual game starting to see and share this, that awakening is not just some mental and rational objective, that it’s not all about the discovery of “emptiness.” That the path of the Heart is an integral component of the nondual path, and not just for the religious.

Let’s hope this little spark catches fire.

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12 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Closet

  1. Nonduality can only be a concept if intellectualized and discussed. After all, language is only relevant and applicable through polarity of perception (human mind). Otherwise, why speak at all? And yet we think and talk all the time!
    Since we perceive reality thru our human experience, why not just embrace our humanity and be that divine manifestation? 🙂
    Osho, Rumi, Shams and countless masters convey “be intimate with me”, “taste existence so that you may know”.
    Masters only speak as a device to get you closer to “God”, point the way… b/c that is the initial way ppl can understand. But they really prefer to teach with stillness, silence- so much more direct, intimate. We are all tools of remembrance in that regard. Great job getting the message out Wayne. 🙂

  2. To be provocative (please don’t shoot me!), spirituality is not about God. It is about Humanity (in connection with the Divine).
    A spiritual/enlightened human being is still a human being. You may have found God, but you still have to deal with Reality, and you still have to deal with humanity (your own and other’s). When you think of it, that’s actually the whole point. And history teaches us that, when an individual or a group forgets about the “human side” of spirituality, it can lead to disaster (nihilism, fundamentalism, war, terrorism…)
    The Way is not about getting a one-way ticket to God. It’s about learning how to find our way back home, and live as better human/divine beings. This whole process of finding and being ourselves is both individual and collective. It requires intimacy with the Divine, with ourselves, and between ourselves. Imho if there is a goal there, it would not be an event (Awakening), a state (Enlightenment), a concept (Nonduality) or a feeling (Love) but rather a skill. Something like “walking on the Divine side of Life”. Together.
    So, let’s all take a walk on the wild side 🙂
    @Maddie: You are right, words fall short. I guess it’s ok as long as you walk the talk… or talk the walk. Like Amelie with the blindman. Or like Wayne with us 🙂 (thanks, Wayne!)

  3. The Oxford Dictionary defines a “word” as: “a single, distinct conceptual unit of language comprising inflected and varied forms”.

    How fascinating it is, that for the conception to occur (again by definition), male and female must have come together. The opposites had to merge (implying motion) into One. They had to, because only through a merging of those opposites could any creation be born. What a beautiful thing!

    That ties together lines I read in the Upanishads: “Not that which the mind can think, but that whereby the mind CAN (my emphasis) think: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore.”

    Thank you! 🙂 What a beautiful day.

  4. I’ve often thought that if people understood awakening there would be few yogis. The awareness rears up like a tsunami and washes away identity. I danced for a long time on the edge where spiritual experience was common but the old identity was held in reserve. There was a lot of beautiful oneness experience on that edge. One day the old identity appeared as if it were piece of parchment paper I’d held in my hands like a certificate. What rushed in was unexpected and momentarily confusing. Contrary to what I have interpreted as the experience of others, I continue to wear my old identity like a set of work clothes. I am sometimes asked why I don’t teach a spiritual path. I am almost dumbfounded by the question, the response which rises up is “what is there to teach?”

  5. @Mark – agreed, our lives are living testaments. we are all learning and teaching simply by consciously existing as part of the whole. perhaps our only “sin” is living unconsciously. 😉
    @Paul, Lynn Thx for sharing clarity

  6. @All: Well thought out comments again! We must be on a roll.

    @Mark: “One day the old identity appeared as if it were piece of parchment paper I’d held in my hands like a certificate.”

    Beautifully put. I think of and experience my Wayne-identity much like I experience my body, which is much like I experience my van: Like something that is mine—like something I drive around in—but not me. It’s personal and unique to me, but it isn’t me. I like your metaphor too, like a “certificate.”

  7. I had to renew my drivers license at the state Department of Motor Vehicles two days ago.

    To pass the time while waiting in the line, I started thinking about how Ramana Maharshi, or Nisargadatta Maharaj would fill out their own applications.

    After a several minutes (and following the departure of suppressed spasms of laughter), I realized why neither one of the Masters ever drove themselves. 🙂

  8. @Mark: for some reason, your “what is there to teach?” comment just struck a chord. Thanks for the teaching 🙂
    @All: wonderful to be here. Thanks for sharing. I love you, guys.
    Gosh, am I happy to be alive…

    Lol. Today, the Divine has a name: “Gosh”

  9. I am aware – now of this urge to participate, to commune, to express. Express what? The fact that I exist? That I am aware? Is it not obvious? Concepts are like foam on the surface of the ocean. The ocean itself is non-conceptual. It just is. But, stepping back, expressing this is just another layer of foam. What is knowing the fact of being aware of being aware? Enter the foam-free zone.

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