Denying The Divine

Patterns of the Tao

Patterns of the Tao


May 9, 2016 10:18 AM

The main series of insights from the other night revolved around a previously hidden pattern in the 9 Aspects and a re-defining of two of them—the Shadow and the Ascetic Aspects.

As the mental reassembly of the Aspects came together, I started to contemplate what I meant by Mystic. In doing so, I got the great idea that the Divine isn’t required for one to be called a Mystic.

My logic went like this (keep in mind, it was around 3 in the morning):

  • Mystic (original definition): One who is in love with the Divine Source and all its manifest things.
  • Mystic (new, 3am definition): One who is in love with the Source and all its manifest things.

By simply removing the word, “Divine” from the definition, it makes Mystical Oneness approachable to all!

I have always considered Taoists to be mystics because of their love of the Tao—the source of the “ten thousand things.” Most people don’t consider the Tao divine because most people don’t consider the Tao intelligent. It can be, but the beauty of Taoism is it doesn’t have to be.

If the Source is intelligent, it is Divine. If it isn’t, it’s just a law of nature—sort of like gravity. With this logic, the Source of all things doesn’t have to be a Divine Source.

So I thought I was onto something… just remove the Intelligent-Source criteria from Mystical Oneness and it works for everyone! Atheists can read TaoGod as Tao; the religious can read it as God; and everyone in between can read it as is. Brilliant!


I tried. I really did. I spent most of yesterday trying to deny God as I re-read the Mystic Chapter of the manuscript.

And I couldn’t do it. The problem I would keep running into was the awakening of the siddhis—the paranormal events and abilities that come into full bloom on spiritual enlightenment (though they begin to “wake up” with the Soul Aspect).

How can simply changing the way you think about yourself account for the rapid increase in synchronistic events? In telepathy? In being guided to places unknown, yet invariably for someone’s benefit? How does changing the way you experience yourself promote some mysterious healing powers? Or explain the duplex personality (a vastly more intelligent personality within you)?

I simply couldn’t come up with a viable explanation for the siddhis—at least one that didn’t feel like it was held together with bubble gum and popsicle sticks. I simply could not come up with a rational explanation for the siddhis that did not involve some overarching Intelligence.

For example, take the siddhi of “life lining up” that practically every truly awakened individual experiences. It requires an Intelligence that can manipulate far distant events that the individual is ignorant of. How could a person do that—manipulate distant events that they aren’t even aware of?

An interesting synchronicity: As I was struggling with this issue, this post appeared in my newsfeed. (The Atheist: “No Wayne, that’s just another odds-defying coincidence, nothing paranormal.”) Lori Ann woke up about a year after me and has come to many of the same conclusions I have.

Simply put, because of the siddhis—and the siddhis awaken and multiply for practically everyone who steps through the Gateless Gate—the Divine is an intrinsic “component” of the enlightened experience.

So though I tried, I failed in denying TaoGod.

You may be an atheist or agnostic now, but if you continue on the path toward enlightenment—you won’t be for long.

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9 thoughts on “Denying The Divine

  1. One cannot deny the personal connection with TaoGodHer, she is simply beyond mind so cannot be rationalized or explained. But we can certainly feel with our hearts.

    Defining the unexplainable doesn’t make it so, but when walking the path of Tao, thoughts simply drop by the wayside. Perhaps that’s the way it should be. 🙂

  2. I love this. I’ve struggled to understand friends who claim awakening but deny the divine. The presence of flow and happiness seems present in them but they don’t report Siddhis or at least interpret them as such. I think they perhaps have taken nihilistic “you’re going to die, you’re fucked” as a pale imitation of true freedom. Yes it is freeing in a way but inauthentic in my view.

    • Classifying things IS a problem, indeed, the main barrier to the Witness Aspect (enlightenment), BUT, it is required in order to function in the “civilian” world, so…

      After you see through the illusion of separation (the mind trying to classify everything), you will need to integrate the Unity/Separation paradox of the I AM Aspect if you want to function authentically in the world (ie: without making it’s-just-conditioning types of excuses all the time).

  3. Any likes or dislikes could potentially teather (anchor) one away from the core “source”. Search for central intelligence that enables siddhis, while being attached to the siddhis, is like searching for core away from the core. The core source has to be “Divine” because all the mystical attributes are derivatives of “compassion”. Nothing else can even afford to hold that much compassion, without being powered by the same Core.

  4. Its a tricky one, I see the Divine, but a couple of my friends see source.

    We have spent some time talking about the difference in our views.

    I have experiences that have lead me to see the intelligence in the source of everything, I call this the Divine.

    My friends say they have never experienced anything that implies intelligence in source and therefore know it as source.

    Wrapping it up, the source and the divine are the same, my friends see source, and I see the Divine source with intelligence.

    Hope everyone here is at peace and in good health.
    Bless Amen.

    • Before I experienced the siddhis, I was like, “It’s the Tao. It’s the Source, but it doesn’t have an intelligence.” So I wasn’t much different from your friends. After the siddhis, well, you know… Mystic and all.

      Welcome back Nathan!

  5. Hi there!

    Just wanted to add to the sharing that David Buckland ( says that most people only experience the divine when the “clarity and refinement” process has been going on for a while. (refinement of perception and clearing out of mud)
    And from personal observation, lots (most) of people have problems with the clearing out….before awakening and after awakening.

    all the best

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