Drifting, Writing, and Thermoelectric Coolers

The View From Home

The View From Home


September 29, 2016 1:47 PM


I don’t know where I’m heading. I woke up this morning somewhere in the Ochoco National Forest, worked for a few hours on the book and am now drifting eastward. When (if) I hit John Day, OR will I head southwest toward the Sierras? South toward the deserts of Nevada? Southeast toward Utah? Or continue eastward to Idaho? I don’t know. Each has its appeal. Freedom is another word for too many choices.

Right now I’m sitting on some BLM land overlooking an agricultural valley and I don’t know if I’ll stay here the night, or “pack up” (close the laptop) and leave after this post.

When you live in a van, drifting is easy. I like it that way. If you have ever considered this lifestyle… go small, but go comfortable. Serenity is the perfect vehicle for this.


A few months back I picked up a Coleman PowerChill cooler. It’s currently $70 on Amazon, but mine cost $90 from Walmart. I picked up the 2-year replacement guarantee for $10 which seemed to me to be a no-brainer. A hundred bucks for a “refrigerator.” You can’t beat that. I only recommend it if you have an excess amount of solar/batteries though, as it burns 4.5 amps continuously. For reference, I have 420 watts of solar and 300 amp hours of batteries. I turn the cooler off at night and back on in the morning and that works wonderfully. On overcast days though, I cycle it on/off throughout the day—an hour on, an hour off,…. That’s kind of a pain. I suppose I could look into a 12v timer switch. Other than on overcast days, the cooler is working out great. Well worth the money. Quieter than my ex-Whynter too.

The Book

I’m really happy with the way the book is coming. I’m on the last three Aspects (Self, I AM, TaoGod(I)) and hope to self-publish the ebook (and maybe the paperback version) sometime in December. I never heard back from the two publishers I sent the manuscript to, but that was the longer, less focused version. Still, if the book gets good reviews on Amazon and people talk it up (so critical to a successful book), maybe not having a publisher and splitting the profits (and losing control) will be a blessing. We’ll see.

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6 thoughts on “Drifting, Writing, and Thermoelectric Coolers

  1. ♪Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose
    Nothing, I mean nothing, honey if it ain’t free…
    Yeah feeling good was easy Lord, when he sang the blues
    You know feeling good was good enough for me…♪

  2. I think the life you live makes you the richest person alive. The freedom you experience is priceless. I wish I could live as you do, but I have to admit, I have (and am attached to) too many material things. I admire that you were able to overcome the risks your mind must have told you that you would face in adopting this lifestyle. Best to you!

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