East Then West Then South

Can You See Her?

Can You See Her?


September 30, 2016 3:29 PM

With nowhere to be, I passed straight through John Day and figured I’d continue onto Idaho. 20 miles later, while deep in a national forest looking for a place to camp, I got a flat.

My Fix-a-Flat didn’t fix the flat so I resorted to changing it the old fashioned way. Not a big deal. I’ve changed a million flats, but this was my first experience with Serenity and the whole winched spare tire under the truck thing—that was the hardest part, getting the spare de-winched. I think I’ll pick up one of those tire-hole-plugger kits next time I remember.

I slept on the mountain. It was cool and comfortable and pleasant.

It was about time for new tires anyway, and synchronistically Bob Wells pointed out in his latest post about buying tires while in Oregon because there’s no sales tax. So this morning, I back-tracked to John Day and picked up four all terrain tires. Figuring the flat was Her way of saying, “Not east,” I proceeded to head south from there.

One direction’s as good as any other, so it looks like I’m taking the eastern Sierras route for the fall season.

Later this afternoon, after finding a camping spot on some BLM land, I explored the sagebrush plains on foot. The sky was cloudy and perfect for photography, so I wandered through Her vastness, taking some portraits of Her along the way.

When you see the Divine in everything, you’re never alone.

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4 thoughts on “East Then West Then South

  1. Very big beutiful country . All photos (almost all) very beutiful. The country is inspiring.
    I live in a country which is the size of a fingernail. You wouldn’t find where to “drift” here..

    • “I live in a country which is the size of a fingernail.”

      Thank-you Rimas. It is so easy to forget the freedom this country provides.

      On a similar note, it is so easy to forget how wonderful it is to be born as a human being (as opposed to, say, a turnip).

  2. Wayne, I know this is a little off topic, but you have often stated that synchronicity is proof of the Divine. It seems a common phenomenon that as one’s consciousness clears, synchronicities appear at an astounding frequency. That has always fascinated me as being a “metric” of spiritual development. But recently, I have seen another interpretation. What do you think:

    The other day I was flying somewhere and upon deplaning, I walked past the cockpit and saw the pilot and co-pilot. The thought occurred to me that I rarely see women pilots and made a mental note to ask about it next time I saw a pilot in the airport. A few days later I was in an airport waiting to board my plane. I saw a male pilot standing and reading a paper. As I contemplated walking over and asking him my question, he walked away. I vowed that for sure, next time I saw a pilot I would ask him about the scarcity of women in the profession. Then I boarded the plane and sat looking out the window, watching my luggage being stowed. Then I heard a voice that said, “You are sitting in my seat”. I looked up and it was a female pilot. She sat next to me and proceeded to answer my questions, saying that there are few women because the schedules do not encourage family life.

    Now, in contemplating this event, I classified it as a “wish fulfilling” synchronicity. In other words, I had a desire, I put it out to the universe, and the Divine intervened to fulfill the wish. Proof of the Divine, right?

    But there is another hypothesis: Instead of a “synchronicity”, the event represented a precognition. Imagine that you are walking in a woods. The path is crooked and the woods are dense. You can only see a little way ahead or behind. Yet from a higher vantage point, say a plane, you can clearly see that up ahead another path intersects yours. And on that path is a female pilot, moving at your speed, and the probability is that you will meet at the intersection. Now this is only a probability: any number of factors could intervene to prevent the meeting. But suppose your higher mind gave you a glimpse of the possibility of meeting a female pilot. How would your mind react? Is it conceivable that your mind would, as always, construct some story around it? Would it rationalize the glimpse by thinking about why seeing female pilots is rare – leading to thoughts about why and how you could find out (ie, asking the next pilot you see).

    The point is: what is more likely, (A) that a desire popped into your head, you amplified it and “attracted” the answer as a gift from the Divine or (B) your consciousness cleared briefly enough to contact Buddhi (what you could call Divine Intellect) and get a flash of the meeting (like a flash of sunlight from behind the clouds)? Seems like B to me.

    Yet either way you could interpret it as “proof of the Divine”.

    • I definitely think there is something to the Akashic records, timeline probabilities, precognition, etc. All terms for somehow being able to see a fixed or probable future.

      But if it were strictly cause and effect then shouldn’t it always occur? For example, if as you dis-identified with your sense of self (became less), this gave you access to a room with a computer which you could look up any future event on, then you should be able to do this “on demand.”

      But that isn’t the case, and as far as I know, no one is able to do this reliably. There seems to be another will involved—another intelligence—which says, “Today, I’ll let you into the computer room, but tomorrow I’m making it off-limits.”

      In my experience, and from what I can see of actual cases (not mythology), there seems to be “another will/intelligence” involved, granting or restricting access for its (Her) own reasons.

      Bucke called it the duplex personality for a reason: two different intelligences, two different wills operating through the same body.

      Just my opinion.

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