Enlightenment and the Family

The Only Shot I Could Get Without People In It

The Only Shot I Could Get Without People In It


June 11, 2016 7:26 AM

Being free, waterfront camping near a large city makes this a popular spot with families trying to stretch a dollar. Practically all the campsites near the river were taken… but not my favorite. After 450 miles of driving, She saved the site for me—or made it available just before I arrived.

I know I should be used to it by now, but I’m still surprised when—against all odds, She lines Life up. I’m always grateful though.

The banks of the river are filled with families and tents and kids and dogs. Young, financially struggling families escaping the heat of Bakersfield.

I’ve been thinking about families a lot lately. Maybe that’s why She guided me all the way out here to the busy and populated side of the Sierras… to think about families and Mystical Oneness and how they interact.

One of my pitches to the publishers was that enlightenment doesn’t play well with the real world. It doesn’t play well with relationships. When all is One, there is no Us.

Yesterday I suggested to Michelle—since she wants a family of her own someday—to spend most of her practice focused on the Heart path, the left side of the Mystical Oneness diagram. She should still practice the Witness and the I AM Aspects, but mostly she should focus on the Path of the Heart, because the Path of the Heart is all about Love and Relationships.

Unlike the Path of the Mind, the Path of the Heart does play will with others.

Do you want a family of your own? Are you still growing your family? Are your kids still dependent on you? Then focus on the Path of the Heart. Practice the Witness, but don’t make enlightenment your goal.

Ironically, by removing the “goal” of enlightenment—by relaxing your grip on it—it will make it much easier to occur.

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2 thoughts on “Enlightenment and the Family

  1. great point wayne, zen masters say wanting enlightenment is a big mistake, and missing the point.
    opening one’s heart ultimately leads to realization of “oneness”/ enlightenment- the left hand path, or “attaining” enlightenment (stillness of thought/ clarity) allows the heart to open forth- right hand or buddha path.

    heart path is very direct/ directed… just love unconditionally.
    love that she guided you towards family, serendipity personified 🙂

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