Enlightenment and the Soul—Part I

Regrettably Untitled

Regrettably Untitled


February 1, 2016 4:49 PM

Today I wrote the following for the book. The reader at this point in the manuscript will be familiar with the Evidence of the Soul and both the Aspects and Tiers of Mystical Oneness. There are at least three other similarities between the experiences of the enlightened state and the experiences of the Soul (unconditional Love, appreciation of Beauty, and access to vast knowledge), but this is as far as I got this morning.

The Soul and Enlightenment

A fascinating pattern arises from the Soul Aspect—a pattern that suggests living as a Soul is just a stepping-stone to awakening to enlightenment. This pattern reveals itself when we examine the remarkable similarities between the day-to-day experiences of the higher Aspects of Mystical Oneness and events experienced in the disincarnate world of the Soul Realm.


Vague self-boundaries. Prior to awakening, our self-boundaries—where “I” end and the outside world begins—is most often felt at our skin. Normally, self-boundaries seem to terminate with what we can control and what we can physically feel. I can move my finger, and I can feel what it touches, so my finger feels like “me,” but what my finger points to doesn’t feel like “me.” Interestingly, my fingernail still feels like “me” but not as much as my finger itself. This is because I don’t have the same sense of control or touch in my fingernail as I do with my finger.

All accounts of the Soul experience—if not outright, at least in interpretation—report the vagueness of self-boundaries. They report a location—a center of themselves—but no physical body. For the Soul, where the “me” ends and the outside world begins is practically impossible to describe yet feels perfectly natural in experience. This vagueness of the “felt sense of me” is understandable when you realize, without a body, you have neither the sense of touch nor the ability to control anything physical. As a Soul, we have a location—a center of awareness—yet no discernible self-boundaries.

When we first step through the “Gateless Gate” at the moment of enlightenment we invariably smile—not because we are happy to have finally “arrived,” but because our self-boundaries have suddenly fallen away. We are surprised by the realization that those self-boundaries were always artificial and figments of our imagination. In exactly the same manner as the Soul, the feeling of “self” after one awakens becomes one of location—a center of awareness, but without any discernible edges or boundaries.

Paranormal abilities. Many accounts of near death experiences indicate that the Soul has inherent abilities that far exceed what we normally have while housed in these physical, incarnate bodies. People who are blind or deaf in their physical lives are suddenly able to see and hear in the disembodied Soul state. Additionally, the ability to read the minds of the “living” as well as being able to communicate telepathically with other Souls is consistently reported.

The activation of paranormal abilities are common—even expected—upon awakening. This is such a common experience that there is even a term for them in sanskrit: siddhis. You may have heard the expressions, “the guru always seems to say what the student needs to hear,” or “when the student is ready, the guru will appear.” These phrases imply that the guru has paranormal abilities that suggest a form of knowing what the student is thinking (telepathy) as well as the ability to predict the future location of the student so that the guru may arrive when “the student is ready” (clairvoyance).

But these explanations of the guru’s abilities (telepathy and clairvoyance) are Human tier descriptions. The real-world experience of them from the Trans-Enlightened tier are much more subtle. When I say “what the student needs to hear,” I am just vocalizing what TaoGod is whispering in my ear at that moment—I am just saying what She’s telling me to say. When I physically show up “when the student is ready,” all I was doing earlier in the day was following TaoGod’s signs and little nudges. It is this “everyday life” of the paranormal abilities of the enlightened which coincide with the “everyday life” of the paranormal abilities of the Soul.

To the Soul or the enlightened, these “paranormal abilities” aren’t paranormal at all. These “abilities” are just our natural facilities which are awakened when we detach from our bodies at physical death or when we detach from our personal identities at egoic death (enlightenment).

Joining the Divine and the Fall from Grace. Practically all accounts of the death experience speak of a loving, divine Light that one is irresistibly drawn to and eventually enters (usually at the end of a long, dark tunnel). What is fascinating though, is that practically all these accounts have an overlooked “time glitch” in them: The Soul enters the Light then (glitch!) they suddenly find themselves in the Soul realm. What happened in the Light? What happened when they merged with the Divine? What happened when they became one with TaoGod Herself?

According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, at death the Soul enters the highest state of Awareness (the “clear light” of enlightenment) and then, if one’s spiritual development hasn’t advanced to and stabilized at this state during incarnate life, one “falls” through grosser, more coarse levels until one finds their stable state. The higher states are forgotten and one is reborn (reincarnated) at the level of their previous live’s spiritual development.

This “joining with the Light” and the resulting “fall from Grace” (events which are forgotten if we aren’t ready) explains the time glitch I referred to above, of being pulled to the loving, divine Light and then suddenly finding themselves in the Soul realm (the Tibetan bardo realm).

While I will go into this experience in detail in the discussion of the Trans-Enlightened tier, the “joining with the Light” (Unity/Emptiness) and the inevitable “fall from Grace” (Separation/Fullness) become a normal, cyclical experience of the awakened state. At first the “Fall” is resisted during the stabilization and maturity of the Witness Aspect, but finally the Fall/Merging cycle is embraced and celebrated during the maturities of the TaoGod(I) and I Am Aspects. When we “level up” to the Trans-Enlightened tier, we learn to transcend the Unity/Separation paradox (I Am) and the Divine/Individual paradox (TaoGod(I)). At first this “Fall” feels like a contraction out of the Light but, as we mature, the experience feels more like an undulation—a gentle and natural flowing between the two extremes.

Even though this merging with the Light and the subsequent Fall(ing) out of it are often forgotten by the Soul, this experience is remarkably similar to the day-to-day life of people at the Trans-Enlightened tier—where the boundaries between the individual and the Divine become so transparent (to the awakened individual) as to be practically indistinguishable.

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  1. “According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, at death the Soul enters the highest state of Awareness…” Wait a second. Buddhists are rejecting the Soul.

    • Hmm… I may have to research this more, but the Buddhists who believe in reincarnation (a small subset of Buddhists), believe in what amounts to the western concept of the Soul. They may not use this term, but it is still an individual thread of Awareness that incarnates over and over again until it is “refined” enough to know its true nature. Potato, po-tah-to. First draft, written over the course of only a few hours. Let me know if I’m in error (and links to sources please).

  2. Any suggestions for further reading? I would like to understand the eternal aspect on a deeper level in particular. Any help would be great. Thanks

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