Facts and Fear and Faith

A Cloudy Day in Sedona

A Cloudy Day in Sedona


March 6, 2016 11:31 AM

With about a week’s worth of cold and rain and (possibly) snow in the forecast, I broke camp yesterday to find more comfortable climes. In the afternoon, I made a temporary camp in the forests south of Flagstaff with the intention of heading out in the morning, knowing full well that if I got caught here in the rain, the dirt roads would turn to mud and I’d be trapped in the snow and the rain for the next few days.

So of course, at 3am, I was awoken to the sound of a light rain on my roof.

Had I listened to my brain and its logic and reasoning and of course its fears—had I listened to it and fled in the dark, I would almost certainly have gotten stuck in the mud. But I listened to Her (I tossed the stones and they/She said stay) and went back to sleep and in the morning—in the light of day—I was able to avoid a deep mud puddle/trap that I would not have seen had I headed out in the dark of the night.

As I type this, I’m sitting in a little cafe in Sedona. I’ve got mixed feelings about Sedona. I like the people and the scenery, but I don’t like the crowds. The locals are cool and spiritual and kind, but the traffic and the rules and the fees for everything are discouraging.

Tourist towns are often like that: The town and its locals want the tourists for the income but then the tourists come and the town becomes overwhelmed and loses its… innocence.

As I type this, I don’t know if I’ll camp near here or head further south. But that’s the nice thing about living in a stealthy van: For the most part, if you can park there, you can sleep there.

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2 thoughts on “Facts and Fear and Faith

  1. Hi Wayne, I’ll try not to be long winded. I started following you a couple of weeks ago when I was checking out the boondocking life, for now though my wife has poo pooed the option, maybe in a couple of years. The reason I’m writing you,was your comments about Sedona. We drove to Sedona from Ontario Canada in 1998 and spent Christmas and new Years there as guests of a wonderful woman and friend who owned 2 homes there. The town was pretty quiet, some businesses were closed for the off season. We talked to many store owners and employees and they all said it was too expensive to live there, most lived in Prescott. I’m sure things are different now. Lots of famous people live there but I would not. The old “nice place to visit but………” Now, Jerome I would never leave! Anyway hope the rains don’t bog you down for long . Safe journey. Mike.

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